So how do I use N-gons coming from a traditional blender modelling background?

I’m very familar with modelling in blender without n-gons. I actually a little reluctant on upgrading since I don’t know how you can remove n-gons for export to game engines. They seem like they would be great for modelling but I’m not sure where to begin with learning how to use them. Also is there a way of highlighting where the n gons are for manually turning into quads and tris?

Try these videos.

hope this helps.

Also is there a way of highlighting where the n gons are for manually turning into quads and tris?

Under Select is ‘Select by Number of Verts’. This can help you there.

If you really want to stay away from ngons, don’t use any of the Dissolve tools. And when using Subdivide, enable ‘Quad/Tri Mode’ in the Tweak Last panel.
But I don’t see a reason not to give the new bmesh tools a try. You can still end up with a tri/quad mesh, but by using ngons & bmesh you can get to the results faster.

How exactly does that help sago? Does it highlihgt those n-gons? As for subdividing I usually manually add edge loops and use Sub-D modifiers for renders. Also any issues with UVs and unwrapping?

You can also use the knife tool (K key) to slice up n-gons to get things back to quads/triangles.

Does that tool allow you to see how many tris the total model is too particle?

It shows the individual amount of Ngons, Quads and Tris that are in the model. So if your model is already composed entirely out of Tris it should reflect properly, but if only part of your model uses Tris it will only show those under the Tri count. Just remember to exit edit mode to refresh the count.

When installing the addon you have to select “testing” under supported level before it will show in the list.

Been using BMesh build for a while; current project I decided to try out bmesh.

I’ve not had any issues and tbh ngons are just another tool; I have found that placing an ngon where I’m going to place edge-loops lead to is a useful way of keeping the look of the model and stop geometry from propigating where it’s not needed or desired.

Ngons are a tool - use em as you need/want, or ignore em completely.

When you ‘select by amount of verts’, you can set the number to 4, & set the Type to ‘Greater Than’. This will select all your ngons.

You can even create a shortcut for this, and in the User Preferences set ‘4’ and ‘Greater Than’ as the default