So, how was SIGGRAPH '06?

After attending the event for the first time, I have to say I was totally blown away. It surpassed every expectation. I learned a lot, got some inspiration, and met some Blender heads including Ton, @ndy, Weirdhat, slikdigit, and Zsolt. I really hope that I will be able to go next year.

For the rest of you that went, I’d like the know what you thought. Hopefully, even more Blender users will attend next year.


I think you met Bassam (aka slikdigit), not Basse. Basse is currently in Finland :slight_smile:

Looks like lots of fun all the same.

Woops, my bad. I fixed it. :o

I waas removed from the video :frowning:

Hail tripdragon!
Err it was cool and all, but inovation was not to huge at the event for any vendors… I mean inovation like Major stuff like Halograms or 3d gloves to model in the air… Or somesuch like that… Mostly just software and like 10 different companies hawking that stupid pen draw on model to turn into 3d junk…

But the Blender crew was quite lively :smiley:

tracer: you will never meet me!


Haha Basse.

I was hoping Wu would come just so I would have someone to laugh at. I was talking to @ndy and brought up the Project Orange videos and he was like, “I’m going to kill that guy!” :smiley:

and knowing andy, he will not only kill him, he will devour his soul.


And make a render out of it.

It was pretty awesome for me. I went with Sp@ceR, so that was fun.

I met Ton, Bassam, B@rt, @ndy, Zsolt, Wierdhat, and some others. Got to see some neat stuff in the Emerging Technology thingy. Got a bunch of free stuff and the Grand Space Opera book from Ballistic. I got a free T-Shirt, which is always a plus… especialy because this one is a blender shirt…

The ET was really awesome too. There were some great shorts in there.

The Wacom(I think it was them) had something going where they send you a free Digital Tutor DVD(you can choose 1 of 5). I got the one on 2d animation.

It was great(except the car ride).

And then smear you feces all ovah dah wah!

Oh, wait, that’s you!


what does Siggraph mean and what’s it all about?

Man-o-man, this year’s siggraph was a blast. My throat is still a little bit sore from talking the entire time, but it was so well worth it. It was awesome to up with blenderheads I’d met before, finally meet ones that I’ve only known by their elysiun or #blenderchat names, and [hopefully] create some blender converts with our presentations and demos that we made on the floor (I was running around a lot, so I don’t think I’m in any of the videos at Blender Nation).

If you looked around at the other booths on the floor we definitely had something that they did not (and not just the very blue shirts we were wearing)… we were all there because we wanted to be there. It was the only booth where the energy of a community could be felt. That’s something special.

Now… I have to go create an animated short about trained attack jellyfish with ninja skills that jump from the harbor and latch on to you; numbing you with their shocking tentacles and dragging you to the watery depths where they will make you their zombie slave with special jellyfish hats.

Edit: @Anthony - You can get a lot of information about Siggraph at and you can also get some information about the conference. In a nutshell, it’s a division of the ACM devoted to computer graphics and they have a conference every year where computer graphics people (programmers and artists, mostly) get together. It’s great fun and you definitely should try to make it out to the one next year.

It was incredible! It even gave me new ideas about “what do I want to do with my life after I graduate?”, as well as getting me excited to start some new projects in Blender after not really doing anything with it for a couple of years (ironically, this week has been one of the busiest of my whole summer, so I haven’t had a chance to start them yet >_< Have to hold on to the inspiration!) Seeing the Elephants Dream artists demo and talk about stuff was very neat. And Ton even set aside a shirt for me on Wednesday :smiley: I wish I’d been able to take more time off of work to hang out at the trade show and play with the interactive art and go to the academic talks… need to find some way to get myself out to California next summer. Thanks so much to Ton and all of the crew for making the Blender BoF and booth so awesome!

One of the things that made me smile was the way that, unlike practically every other booth in the tradeshow, the open source pavillion presentations weren’t followed with “and if you’d like to discuss our prices with a sales representative, please call…” Just people creating and encouraging others to do so as well.

Hey everyone,
It was definitely a blast meeting everyone! I uploaded a bunch of my photos here as well as a vew videos (still uploading those at the moment).
The community feeling was definitely felt at the booth. Gonna have to have a Jellyfish Hat animation contest in the future! :wink: Demoing and explaining what Blender and OpenSource was to all the booth visitors was a lot of fun. the most fun was watching their faces when they learned it was completely free and cross platform. They were just amazed. Even more so when they learned almost none of the blender crew were being payed to be there… we were all volunteers who wanted to give back to the community and program we love. I’ll try and get some more photos of some of the shwag I attained this year online soon. Some T-Shirts, the pixar poster and wind up tea pot.

Haha, this is funny, several people have mentioned meeting me, while I didn’t actually go to Siggraph, but was sitting at home on the other side of the Atlantic :slight_smile:
So, what did I do there? :slight_smile:
I wonder who this identity snatcher was, heh…

ZSolt… I don’t remember seeing you. Then again, I only picked up a couple of the real nicknames from people. Since our names were on our badges, thats where I saw them the most.

But yeah… the booth was definitely unique. We had a mob of great Blender users standing around answering questions for people. In fact, I think our numbers attracted people because they wanted to see what the fuss was about.

As far as the demos go… I learned a lot from watching them myself. Check them out on when you can. They’re being uploaded in a higher resolution so that you can make out whats going on better than in other videos.

For everyone who didn’t go: Start saving for SIGGRAPH '07!

How was the Jashaka’s demo? Is it finally a compositing software or again a toy surfing on the hype’s wave? As we can see from them, they prefer to take care of their “sex appeal” than the jahshaka usability and functionality. :stuck_out_tongue:
They prefer to waste money on gift or stupid contest.
5 years after, all they had developped is a JahPlayer, wonderful!

Yes you got me, i don’t understand why they were into the opensource pavillon. :slight_smile:

They actually had a great demo. I have also been a bit skeptical as the interface never seemed to work for me. Though after sitting with one of the developers through a 5 minute demo it all made sense and works great. The version they were showing should be online in a couple weeks as they were still working on some bugs. But it is very functional from what I could tell. My perception of the project has changed dramatically.

allelujah Pablosbrain :slight_smile:
Is there a video from the demo?


ps: I persist in saying that they shouldn’t waste money in cosmetic, obviously they are free to do what they want.

i didnt go… nobody met me:(