so...i found the best Youtube URL ever :D!

LOL, today i was bored, so, i started to watch F-Zero X videos, and then i found this : , if you dont belive me then here ya go the URL : i almost [email protected] my pants of laguth when i saw that URL hahahahahaha!!!..LOL very epic X) and EPIC FAIL for youtube hahahaha!!!

That URL would probably trigger our web filter to block it even if it was a commercial for baby formula, there should be a measure to put in new letters if the URL has profanity in it.

There was an official demo video about the Pleo robotic pet that had the word ‘GAY’ in the title, I’m serious, even more ironic is that the company Ugobe went out of business.

Please be sober when you post. That is all.

Oh, why bother?