So I found this site about Disney hating...

Okay, I hate Disney too. But apparently this “Christian” is a bit confused about WHO Walt is. It even says at the bottom that Walt Disney came straight from Hell.

Now, what really rocks me is how he talks about Bridge to Terabithia, which was a pretty good movie and a great book. He also seems to think Harry Potter is some way Walt’s creation. Which promotes witchcraft. And satanism. I guess. But anyway, read for yourself.

Dunno if it’s fake or not. Here

They are pretty bad by promoting “Rap House music”

Just another religious nutcase who believes fairy tales and needs imaginary friend in his life.

What an entertaining piece of garbage. I’d be more concerned about the fact that the person who wrote it keeps saying the teenage girls are beautiful, and that they move around suggestively “gyrating their hips”. I think only perverted freaks would notice that. Teenage girls are not beautiful. They may be cute, but not beautiful, like… Angelina Jolie for example. They are just round-faced girls without feminine form and with annoying voices.

I do agree that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana is not a good role model, mainly because the show is annoying and stupid. I watched only a half of one episode and I wanted to strangle myself. And now Miley is going too far with her music videos and performances, they just confuse her kiddie fans whose parents say they can’t watch Miley’s videos anymore.

I also agree that no teenager should be wearing anything revealing or high heels (they make ankles grow bad if you wear them too young. Actually, that happens for everyone, older women, too). Save those for later, when you’re older.

And that witchcraft bit… Who believes in witchcraft at this day and age?! It’s OK for children to play and pretend they’re witches and sorcerers, but I’m pretty sure no kid actually believes they can do magic. But if someone believes, I hope reality hits them soon, or they’ll have their own nice little room with padded walls.

I grew up watching this cartoon, Alfred J. Kwak or something. The evil enemy leader was a crow with a Hitler moustache! This didn’t make me a nazi, now did it?! I didn’t notice it when I was a kid, but not that I’m older, it just makes me laugh. It’s the same for Disney/Hannah Montana shows. Children don’t see anything sexual or suggestive in them. Only adults who know how sex happens. When the kids grow up, they’ll (hopefully) see how retarded the show really was.

If I’ll ever have children, I’ll make damn sure they watch old Disney movies and other good cartoons I used to watch. Like the Secret of NIMH, Moomins and Pingu, not this modern crap. Also they’ll have to play old NES games before they can even touch the PlayStation5! What a horrible mother I’ll be, but at least I’ll be a cool mom (you know, making 3D and having loads of games and movies :P).

And yes, I’m an atheist, so I don’t believe in God or the Devil, so I don’t see anything “demonic” anywhere :stuck_out_tongue:

prepairs to actually defend Miley Cyrus eek…

Lets face it, shes 17 going on 18, shes going through the phase where one turns from a teenager/kid into a young adult. So I dont see what all this usual internet uproar is about considering someone isnt a child anymore. And just to defend my point that this evil ‘sexual’ stuff is corrupting children theres this point made here:

Strangely both points are made by yourself Forace.

Ive said it before here many times with such topics, but I grew up playing some of the worst adult games on the market, and now I look back at how I worked for mafia gangs in the original GTA games picking up hookers and brutally murdering people etc. Its funny now, thinking back to those times, it was just a game and I really didnt understand anything adult that was going on, so no harm done. And I certainly didnt grow up to become anything like those characters portrayed in those games.

When it comes down to it, its the parents which are the issue, not because they let the kids watch these shows (thats fine) its because they dont know how to deal with it in the context of their children. Like I mentioned above, I was fine after playing those games, simply because my parents had me firmly understanding one important thing - reality.

I was at the zoo the other day, and there was a girl, probubly around about 8-10 who was wearing knee high ‘hooker’ boots and mini skirt etc, stuff I wouldnt even want my gf to wear. I didnt feel any anger towards the child, but almost felt like punching the stupid mother who let her wear such ridiculous clothing. Again, this kid probubly saw it on tv (maybe even Miley was wearing some??) but when the child approached her mother about it she didnt sit her down and explain how thats not something for children, she simply bought her some. Crazy…

This threads gonna get locked before long, as soon as the crazy people get to it I bet…

Yeah, Miley is growing up, but it seems so… sudden to me. First she’s this sweet and cute and “funny” Hannah Montana, and now she’s pole-dancing in her gigs. Her fans are still just 10-year-olds. It was just a wtf-moment for me.

Smart parents wouldn’t let their children to see the pole-dancer-Miley (the really young ones), but I guess that would be over protective… OK, I’d just let my kid see it, and if she wanted to dress like Miley, I’d say no and explain why those clothes are not suitable for 10-or-something-year-olds. A child deserves a proper answer, that way they can grow up to be reasonable and smart. I hope :slight_smile:

Children are simple creatures with simple brains. They watch TV or play games and don’t think that deeply about what they see. They don’t see sexuality or evil, they either like it or they don’t. Or are scared of it :smiley: Children can also tell the difference between right and wrong. It’s the parents job to explain and guide them when they ask something.
Not just buy them whatever they want -_-

I enjoy classic Disney short subjects and animated movies. And Pixar of course. as a company, I just don’t care…

Heh… Let’s celebrate that Miley managed to escape the clutches of Disney, having fulfilled her contract and not winding up a washed-up Mouseketeer.

(Of course, if things had turned out otherwise, her dad, Billy Ray Cyrus, undoubtedly would have sauntered over and smashed whoever-it-was’s face in, if Miley hadn’t done so already, which is just as likely. They’ll both be making enough money from Achy Breaky Heart royalty checks to occupy several lifetimes… let alone from Hannah, if they played their cards right when negotiating with The Mouse.) :spin:

If she wants to do something “way out yonder,” why t’hell not? She is of age, and she knows how to perform… She’s right good at it. Just like her dad.

P.S.: I haven’t followed the original link, and I don’t feel the slightest inclination now to do so. Don’t reckon I missed too much …

Ok, I am a christian, and Harry Potter has always been a debate of christians, in my oppinion I see no problem with it. Sure they use witchcraft, but its fantisy, if you are worried about your kids going out and acting like wizards and believing in such things, then educate them that that is not so, I have only seen the end of bridge to teribithia, and it is also fantisy, christians sometimes over worry about those things and when it all starts about teaching them, even non believers, if you don’t want them to act that way because you think its wrong, explain it to them, they are not stupid, me as a kid I used to play Harry Potter games with my sister, it was just for fun, we didn’t believe we were wizards, just playing, thats where the problem lies.

The problem lies with ignorance and close mindedness, the inability to see beyond ones beliefs and consider anything else.

And Im not attacking Christians here, because many, many atheists are the same. Its a pretty widespread issue.

People see something which doesnt agree with their perspective or views and just shut down towards everything else without even considering whats going on.

Yeah, everyone does it to some extent, some worse than others, some worse about a certain subject than others, its just the way of people, and to judge them for it is wrong of people, there is no “right” way for a person to act, we are all differant and not programmed robots, we learn to like differant things and to view the world in our own way, that way we view it will change in our eyes as we grow older and wiser, but to judge others for it is wrong, I like fantisy, I grew up watching Star Wars and other sci-fy movies, and its something I really enjoy, but I don’t believe in the force or anything like that, when I was a kid I wished that the force was real, but it is not unfortunatly. But its all in what your parents teach you when growing up.

Thats kind of upsetting… I know that the company is Walt Disney… but saying the person is a devil or evil person is very hypocritical considering if you look at his site saying its not a “hating site” I’ve written many biographys for school and searched up Walt Disney the founder and creator of ‘Disney’ he was an outstanding person and an exceptional person probably thousand times better of a person then the maker of that stupid ‘’ website… But Idk people always want attention and guess what from all those stupid ads and crap and all the stupid people visiting his website even in anger by his words just makes him more money which is kinda stupid, i only know that cause i checked the html of the links… pay per clicks a bitch…

wow… I think that site is the most ridiculous piece of fail I have seen in quite a while.

I remember the thread not that long ago featuring a website made by religious fanatics who still thought the world was flat because ‘if it was round everyone in the southern hemisphere would fall off’.

Now that was something… This Disney hater is a noob compared to those guys.

This bugs me.
I am a Christian, ( kinda gnostic) but all I get from that website is fear pumping and hate filling. If the author knew much about the dark ages, he might re-think his views.
Or he might not. Some people just use religion to grab power. :ba:

Just to note the guy is probably pretty lukewarm in what he claims to be in the first place, as in claiming to be, but not living or acting like one and instead being a disservice by making others of faith look bad.

No true Christian would register a domain called Jesus-is-Savior then write such claims about Walt and his company, the guy is just fooling people because of that and needs his address revoked.

Good Stuff AD!

I totally agree you with. It pays to throw caution at the wind at times, and this time seems right.

Stranger Danger abounds plenty especially in the internet.

Lack of rational judgment/analysis is the core problem in this case: When people just blindly believe in something, with no supporting evidence, they slip into ignorance.

Sometimes the result is this guy; Sometimes it’s some other, equally moronic individual.

Both usually claim to hold exclusive rights to the “higher moral authority” brand.

Anyway, there are equally ignorant people writing legislature; don’t waste your worry/anger on this irrelevant dolt.

Miley Cyrus

Let’s face it, any guy here who has hit puberty would give her one… It’s just a fact of life.

No true Scotsman fallacy