So... I got a girl I that really likes me... now what?

I know it seems weird to post a question like this on this forum, but you guys know me, and I trust a lot of you =) You guys (some) have good moral standards and (probably) make decisions, so I’m asking you guys =D

About last year I met the most beautiful girl in the world. Her hair is amazingly gorgeous, her eyes are beautiful, and her smile lights up my life. We talk a lot in person an are CONSTANTLY texting, like we can’t spend 1 hour without making some sort of communication. Neither of us has admitted that we like each other, but I think we make it kind of obvious (is this normal not to tell the person that you “really” like them? I don’t want to scare her off). The problem is, I don’t have the balls to call her on the phone to talk. I know that’s a very important part of a relationship, but for some reason I just find it really awkward =(

I REALLY want to call her on the phone to talk, but don’t want to make it seem like I can’t survive without her, I don’t want to annoy her either. I also don’t have the courage to spend “alone” time. I’m not talking about in bed, I’m talking just about a nice night out. Dinner, movie, maybe more. Idk. I don’t wanna “cork her and pork her”. I’m not even thinking about that when I’m around her. I just want to talk to her to hear her voice. I want to tell her something funny just to hear her laugh.

What’s a really easy, non awkward way to call someone? She probably would NOT expect me to call her, and might be startled and/or wonder why I’m calling.

Idk guys, but I’d really like some advice on this sort of stuff. I’ve never felt this way about anyone else =)

ok, only read the first part of the post but I’m just going to answer the question in the thread title:

what next?

you tell her how you feel… :wink:

ok, read rest of the post,
I don’t mean to be harsh, but get some ‘bells’ and call her out,
may be a bit early to tell her you love her, but just affirm the fact that you like her. :slight_smile:

Ok, I’ll tell her how I feel tomorrow, I just hope that she feels the same about me =/

Sorry I just projectile vomited from the cheeseyness in that particular sentence.

Anyways whats the point of talking on the phone, I never understood that, and never do it. Id much rather talk in person, and my girlfriend feels the same way so its no problem, saves on expensive phone bills as well.

And try not to do anything too exciting, your still recovering from that lung thing remember. :eyebrowlift:

well, telling her you LOVE her on the first date would probably be too soon,
but getting together and just having a good time would be a great start.

and when I said ‘affirm feelings’ I really meant more along the lines of stating that you really enjoy spending time with her,
keep the big statement for a later date when both of you are maybe more used to being around each other. :slight_smile:

Also, I suggest you maybe also, try getting some advise from close friends you know well, rather than here,
they know you better and can probably give better/more suited advice. :wink:

And try not to do anything too exciting, your still recovering from that lung thing remember.

That was the best quote in the world! Yes, I know it was corny, I wrote it laughing, tehe.

What’s with talking on the phone? To start off, I’m grounded… meaning, the phones my source of communication ATM =(

Also, her mom… kinda… well… I’m not her favorite person in the world. She thinks I’m a rebel… I’m not going to lie, I don’t follow rules (barely) I do sneak out and rebel a lot, hehe, so it’s more convenient to talk on the phone late at night (past midnight).

It’s REALLY awkward to talk in person, because we are always in a group, and I can’t build up the nerves to ask her out =(

Whatever you do, DO NOT tell her you like her, love her, or ask her to be your girlfriend over the phone. You’ve GOT to spend some time together first. (i.e. a “date”) If you aren’t comfortable around her you’ve got to GET that way! I’ve made the mistake of asking girls out (meaning to be my girlfriend) without spending any time with them one on one and it has NEVER worked out.

I think this is for the better anyway, for me and for her. After all, how do you know if you really like someone and are compatible without spending some time together (again, not just chewing the cud on the playground, an actual “date”).

Just ask her to hang out with you some time and see how that goes. Do something fun.

The problem is as I mentioned, her parents don’t really like me, so It’ hard to go do stuff alone with her. It’s a lot easier in group, problem is there’s a bunch of people there =(

I guess I could always invite her with a crowd and group off, there again though, kinda awkward just leaving a group of friends…

Damn life is difficult. I don’t want to be asking her out and freaking her out and stuff then go on one date and do nothing else. I want to love her, I want her to love me, but I don’t want to turn her off =( or make her think I’m a no balled wimp…

Well get the parents to see the side of you they think is acceptable, yet is still cool to the girl that you like. (Unless you prefer creating a twin identity,which really sucks if her parents finds out.)

 And what you are being is infatuated (not trying to be insulting), as love is a mutual bond, as the two of you care more about each other than anything or anyone else. Infatuation is the want for there to be love, but it is usually one sided, in which case you, so, how do you "make" her love you? Well, you can't really make anyone love you, since to make is to force into existence, which is not the way to go. You have to have her want to love you, care deeply about you. That is the goal.:cool:

If you are to learn anything from this post it is that group dates NEVER go well. First, if it is among friends, she and you will feel more comfortable speaking with friends than actually each other. Thus the personal level is loss. Then the actual being of a date can easily be cancelled since if one side of the group drops out so does the other. Example say that Joe and Jane double dates with Dick and Mary, well Mary had to study for her Calculus test the day before the date, so Dick drops out, and Joe and Jane are nervous about a one on one date, so they drop out too. Then, there is no date. :mad:

In Arithmetic terms P*S=5-(G-S) were G is the amount of pairs (one for each side) and P is the personal level you two are getting on and S is the success race of each of both groups are actually going. Thus when you and her and a group of ten more people go on a date, you two will not go and do some person to person talking. Which means you miss out more on laughing, joking, telling, and asking each other which will really improve your relationship with her. :yes:

And finally, “YOU NO BALLED WIMP!!!” can you ever imagine her saying that? Well, you aren’t a no balled wimp because you took your feelings an placed them on the internet. Telling a girl your feelings is just a bit harder than telling the internet your feeling (ya know the sarcasm, the insults, etc.)

Luckily, you posted this thread after konoha(or what ever his name is) since MentalKhander will go all over this with “hitting it” or “landing to 1st ,2nd, 3rd, then finally home base, ahhh” or something along those lines. :wink:

Whatever you do, DO NOT tell her you like her, love her, or ask her to be your girlfriend over the phone. You’ve GOT to spend some time together first. (i.e. a “date”)

Quoted for agreement. I’ve made the same mistake too.
To talk to her, call her but dont call her often else you might annoy her. You gotta be a bit slow.
I hope hanging out in groups doesnt put you in her “friend zone”.
Try your best to grab an opportunity to ask her out for a date. Its absolutely necessary!!
All the best!!

It seems that she also loves you, but being a girl, its difficult for her to offer you to get married. You should go ahead and ask her to get married with you. She is looking like your true love.

Make a 3d model of her head.

Well, If she likes you and knows something about your personality, I think you get a ton of wiggle room in how you ask her out. So don’t worry too much about finding the perfect line, just go for one which is true and you are comfortable with.

LMAO… I can’t believe you mentioned that. I was actually going to try and stay away from this thread because I figured Konoha Hunka was the “love” expert here after his thread. I was waiting for his expert suggestions.

But here is my suggestions. Are you sitting down?

1:Be honest. (this is most important)
Don’t try and pretend you are something you are not. Be your stupid, clumsy, funny self. (Just saying. Not that you are clumsy,stupid and such. But if you try and hide who you are then it will make matters worse in the long run when she finally finds out who you are.)

2: Be happy with yourself.
Don’t expect her to make you happy.

3: Don’t plan on this girl being “THE GIRL.”
Chances are that this girl will be just one of many that you will meet in life.
Very few people end up with the first person that they ever thought they were in love with.

4: Read…THIS

5: And finally and most important.

             Eat lots of beans and fart out loud. (Girls really like that you know)

Oh. And one more thing.

Confusion is NORMAL. We have all been there. All this stuff you are reading just makes matters worse. IMHO.
So just give it your best shot.
Good luck.

Sigh… it really warms my heart…

…when I think of all the hilarious nonsense which will inevitably fill this thread in short order. How can I tell these threads how much I love them?

Guys, who’s thread does this reminds you of?
(the answer is mine)
I dont know what to do, really, but good luck.

Confusion is NORMAL. We have all been there. All this stuff you are reading just makes matters worse. IMHO.

Erh, not ALL of us… </3

Boy meets girl, girl meets boy…boy asks ‘what to do next’ on 3d artists forum.

I think you know exactly what to do next, it’s hardcoded into us from birth. Man sees girl, man puffs himself up like a bird of paradise, girl notices him and they start going out, man eventually gets lucky and Boom! the species propagates. :wink:

(In a nutshell)

There is nothing we can tell you here that you don’t already know. Worse still, we are in even less of a position to give advice than your friends are. I don’t know you, and I give different advice to different people, and there are also circumstances to consider. I suspect you might really be looking for emotional confirmation, not advice.

Anyway, simplest advice is this: Just call her, and don’t ask any more questions like this. :smiley:

Oh man…Idea!!!

I wish I was better at animation. I would make a “boy meets girl” animation!!!

Be yourself! Don`t ask us cause you will end disappointed

Her knows you and if her knows that you little shy in things will get very mad if you react opposite sometime it is better to let the things work by the nature.

In some time the girl will say you that her like you even if you dont say it to her ...dont rush in things or you will get washed out!