So, I got this PM during my recent (quite long) absence from this forum

Yeah, I´ve been gone from this forum for too long. Which I hope to remidy now :yes:

But while I was gone I received this really weird PM.

Now, you should note that I have absolutely no Idea who Turing is. I´m sure I havent talked to him, because he has never posted post since he joined in April 07. Nor have I received any additional PMs from him.
So why did he choose me to send that greeting to me :confused:

I tried to PM him back, but I got a error.

turing has chosen not to receive private messages or may not be allowed to receive private messages. Therefore you may not send your message to him/her.
So I guess thats out of the question, and thats why Im posting it here. To try and make some sense out of this…

i think everyone got the message.
spam bot that was stopped by mods.
or maybe Buddhism is your secret calling & the big guy himself just found the internet.
strange how he won’t answer you back though.

He was probably banned by a moderator for sending the same PM to other users who complained and therefore can’t receive messages. Thankfully, I never got that message.

Ahh… Spam Bot, seems logical. Although I´ve quite understod people who uses bots to do those kind of things. I can understand those who use it to get themselves money, but using bots to multiply their annoyines by a hundread. Never understod those.

It was a spambot. Taken care of a long time ago.