So I guess I'm lucky to have not been here all day?

Seeing how 4 locked threads was the activity of the day I guess I can find it good that I was evaluating the Lightcuts GI thing for UncleZiev while everybody was going at each other.

Have you felt lucky that you decided to not come to the forum for a day (like Off Topic)?

=P Just stirring you CD…

Gah… I dont really measure my days by how many threads are locked on BA.
Its just something that happens, when people post stupid or pointless threads, like this one…

I dont know what your trying to achieve with this thread CD.

Blenderer, I am so stealing that emoticon thing.

Totally stealing it.

same. And I am getting tired of this site. Nothing new (that I’m interested in), so i may disappear for a while, popping back for a quick game update every couple of weeks or so. Not that anyone cares.

Seeing how 4 locked threads…

Well, this one makes 5.

Here, CD, have a badge.

Lock This Thread!

Before you lock this thread I’ll post this . . . .

You was with Uncle Ziev was you ? How’s him be these day ? Still on the rocking chair holloring at the school kids at the bus stop ?

No, I feel lucky when YOU decide not to come here for a day.

Not joking.

Never mind. message removed. (@CD…Today is your lucky day.)

If you don’t like the off topic forum, don’t visit it. Nobody’s making you read it, and if you avoided it I think you’d be better-respected.

heh, truthfully, i’ve only been in the off-topic section like once…

You actually missed out a lot. Autodesk had a promotion and handed out free copies of Max to everyone here.

Yeah, you only had to sign your name in a post and they gave you a personal link to a free download. It was pretty good. Version 11, pretty nice of them…

Yeah, I accidentally got 2 copies of it, so they agreed to buy one back! Now I’m rich! Well, not by much…

… then that thread got locked too.

Lock this thread!