So I have a face, now what?

Ok so I followed one of the face tutorials, and it looks like a bland face. Now how do I build a head out of it?

I don’t know which tutorial you followed, but try this:

Make sure you have at least two 3d viewports open, front and side.

Extrude a line of verts back and out from the top of the head so the outline of the head is visible in side view. Use EKey and GKey.

Extend your loops so they reach around the head, using FKey to fill groups of 4 verts into faces.

Move your 3d view around frequently to check from different angles, hit NUMPAD3 to revert to a perfect side view.

These are very basic instructions, but will get you started. Personally I recommend the BSOD character animation tutorials by Ryan Dale, google them, and do them. You will always have your first face mesh to return to.

If I were you, I’d do a search for the “Joan of Arc” tutorial.

Sorry I can’t get the link right now, but it’s an easy one to find. I found that to be an amazing character modelling tut.

It gives a pretty good grasp on modelling the whole body, if a little cartoony in style. But the technique is sound.

Pay extra attention to the bit where they take a face, and make it into a head :stuck_out_tongue:

Good luck with it.