So I have two render layers...

How do I combine them into one image? Because it either renders one layer or the other. I tried the Alpha Over node, but the one layer totally ‘xrays’ through the other.

What node do I use? I looked for a regular ‘Alpha’ node, but I can’t find it.

Thanks in advance!

Use a Z-Combine node, and that might get you the two render layers combined as they should be in 3d space.

In the Alpha Over node try swapping around the two inputs.


@ Craig, I tried using Z over, but the same problem happens!

@ Richard, I flipped both the inputs and the other way totally messes it up :confused:

Here, I uploaded the file, i hope you guys can figure it out, because I can’t


video node test.blend (1.24 MB)

Get rid of the mix node when using the effects nodes, unless you intend to mix it with a copy of itself. Just plug the render layer after effects into the top socket of the Z combine, and the other into the bottom.

wait, what?

On the render layer linkage for the screen, you have a mix node linked to your render layer and itself - if you needed it to mix a copy of itself plus the effects, then that is fine but you would want to invert the input links there. If not, delete that mix node and just run the output of the effect noe to the z-combine input where the mix node was connected.

Here’s one possible way.


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I tried directly connecting the render layer without the blur and mix nodes and same problem, I get overlappage.

I tried using just the blur nodes and the blur has overlappage.

Nothing works!! :C

Try Richard’s set up there - he has it in order.

thank you richard!!