So, I hear it is the end of the world.

You’ve probably hear of the Large Hadron Collider or LHC for short, the uber machine that smashes atoms together at the speed of light to discover more about the mysteries of the universe.

This baby is going to be switched on in 2 days time (10th of September) and some scientists (aka nut jobs) are saying that when the atoms crash together a black hole will be created and suck the earth into inside out killing us all.

So, what do you guys have planned for your last 2 days on earth? I’ve got school, school and parent teacher interviews, what a way to go out huh.

The world ended 12.00.001 on Jan 1 year 2001.

Didn’t you guys get the e-mail?

They wouldn’t turn it on unless the possibility was infitesimally small. They aren’t stupid you know. It’s more likely that you win in a lottery or get in a car accident than that.

I hope they find the Higgs boson. If they don’t, they might have some explaining to do. :slight_smile:

I’ve noticed that the world seems to end every year. What’s different with this?

Oh and they aren’t saying it is going to happen, they are saying it could happen but it is very extremely unlikely. Everything in science has some measure of doubt.

Something is bound to go wrong whenever this guy is around.

Lol cool, if the world ends I better …the rest of this post was censured by me, OTO, because inappropriate language are used.
Please, keep in mind that this is a widely used public forum!

Hah, yea I’m going to spend my last 2 days living in the wilderness for a month :wink:

We are going to die someday anyway :smiley:
Btw :The world was also supposed to come to end at 31/12/1999 at midnight but nothing happened :wink:

Wow! A classmate told me about it, and I didn’t believe it!

Well, My last wish before dying, is to live for some more time.

I will spend my 2 days doing… what I do everyday.

Ha! It is not! Yippee! :evilgrin:

LOL. Funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. :D:D

Aww, a friend who studies Physics will be there when the first particle beams will be injected…I wish I could be there as well ;_; (sadly we mathematicians don’t really get the money to go there…as the physicists do…).

Anyway, all that “Doomsday Prophecies” are quite amusing, I think…but let’s see what really happens when the first high-energy collisions take place :wink:

A bit of perspective: Before the Trinity test (first atomic explosion), there was some concern that the blast would ignite the atmosphere and incinerate the surface of the Earth. Calculations were done by the guy who later developed the H-bomb, iirc. Didn’t happen.

Science-guys are always trying to hedge their bets.

I still say that the Earth will turn into a giant muffin.

Nah it’s just gonna get replaced with something much much more complex.

Oh and the answer is 42!

Oh damn! Silly me, I just paid the rent for our vacation. Why, of course it was planned for the time AFTER the 10th of September. ARGH :eek:

Yeah, like blender 2.50

Oh and the answer is 42!

But what’s the question?

Damn Vogons

I have my crowbar ready, just in case. Lets make friends with the Vortigaunts right away so that we can fight off the Combine…