So I heard Maxon is commiting Suicide by going subscription?

Wow, they must have thought that they were Autodesk.
Autodesk have Auto-CAD, as a matter of fact, that is where their money is…in engineering specific softs…

Meanwhile…Maxon…oh man…what are they thinking ?


So is this news? Some definitive plan to shut down perpetual?

Anyway, regardless. I understand why people will not use a rental. I guess people figure that once subscription comes, perceptual is on the way out.

But here is the hard reality rub. If a company does not offer subscription in today’s market - in some form - they are on the way out. So actually it is suicide not to offer it. For every one who will throw up there hands and bail. 100 more will come in and rent in their place.

People that are smart with business, in today’s world, understand it is about accessibility to new users. That is the game now. How many people can you get to start using your software. And statistically more will try it at a rental than will drop 4K.

People that are not smart with business, don’t get this.

I submit NewTek LightWave and with that, a mic drop, and out.


Maxon, by its actions have clearly signalled they want to move away from perpetual licenses. The have made perpetual license extremely poor value for money and have a scheme to persuade users to give up their perpetual license for cheaper subs for a limited time.

No one would be against lowering the barrier to entry to new users but the way Maxon went about doing it they also treated their most loyal and longest customers with complete contempt. There were extremely long and very angry threads on all the main C4D forums that went on for many weeks, resentment still rumbles on.

There’s absolutely no reason why rental and perpetual license ownership couldn’t have existed together but Maxon’s new Adobe guy decided to strip all the benefits of the MSA from long term users and hand them straight to Johnny come lately Subscription users. Many of the active users on the C4D forums have been C4D even longer than me, I have 10 years, so you can imagine how this went down.

The change to Adobe style Subscriptions signalled a huge change at Maxon, Maxon was always seen by their users as the good guys who wouldn’t foist Subscriptions on their users and if they did it would be done right. Well, it wasn’t done right, it was done as mean spirited as possible. Maxon’s new CEO’s action basically said thanks for you money for the last decade, accept subscriptions, pay near double for your perpetual upgrades or get lost.

C4D R21 was probably the weakest release in C4D’s long history so now Maxon’s users are waking up and looking for other options. There are more and more C4D users getting interested in Blender, I can see it across social media. Pablo Dobarro’s work invariably generates green eyed comments across C4D’s Twitterati. When the new Blender particle system is deployed and social media starts filling with eye candy that your average Mograph artist can more easily relate to just watch the response from C4D users.

I expect to see more and more usernames I recognise from C4Dland on this forum in the coming years.


It looks like with this mindset they can survive only with high-end clients however they loose many points in terms of popularity and word-of-mouth.

Yeah, that made me cancel C4D maintenance. Well, actually I didn‘t, they did and promised me 15% discount on subscription. So, get it! A 4000,- worth Studio License became a Bonus of about 150,- in just one day. So much about trust.

Well, I will keep my permanent license, but I won’t invest in any 3D company anymore. They all started with the User in mind and lot of friendly relationships, then the owners sell the software and leave to the back door. New owner promise haven and deliver desert, and you pay and pay for nothing. I seen people got burned with 3dsmax, Maya, XSI and now with Modo and C4D. This is of course happening to other software too, but we also paid a lot money.

Now, in Blender you can get that from Plugins that just run out of care or get replaced by free tools, but it’s little money. After all stick never do a subscription to any software. I banned Adobe years ago, it’s a totally overpriced old creepy not very user friendly software.


Over on CGSociety Forums…

There is Blender induced FOMO being generated all over the place. It’s great to see.

A Maxon employee finally replied in the above thread, with basically everything’ll be alright in time. How much more time do they need?

When Blender-curious C4D users turn up, they surely will, do make 'em feel welcome! :slight_smile:


There is a Modo to Blender thread that is rather popular and seems to be useful. I think there is one - a bit less frequented - for former 3ds Max users as well.
Perhaps somebody who went from C4D to Blender could start something like that?


These are all good news for blender , the funds for blender increaese when the subscription model starts.

That’s probably a very good idea. When the results of Jacques Luckes’ Everything Nodes is a bit more developed i.e. the first iteration of the particle system has arrived there will be much more Mograph eye-candy coming from Blender and we’ll start to see some Blender-curious new visitors.

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We are already here. :wink:


Im a +10 years C4D user, which started using Blender in 2017. No turning back.


By the way, curious what kind of work you did and how that translates to Blender?

I’m mostly a motion designer and animator, even though I work with general advertisign as well.

This was my first Blender work, coming from C4D:


Superb work!

I can see this translating to Blender well. It is amazing how far Blender has come and how many people can potentially transition, leaving perhaps those that absolutely need certain tools.

Maybe heavy animation, Maya, Mograph, C4D, FX, Houdini…

Too stubborn to change… LightWave… lol sorry, couldn’t resist. I joke I joke… Or do I?

Blender is moving in, in any case.

Maybe we need a threat for former Lightwave/Softimage/3dsmax/Maya/Modo/C4D users… of you just for the older ones :wink:

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hey I resemble that remark…lol

Oh yeah, but I think I can pretty much translate everything or most things to Blender. Either way, I try to always focus on the art direction, so any limitation isn’t an issue.

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12+ year C4D user here too…sounds like a good idea for a thread.

Cool. Are you finding you need to use Animation Nodes for this? Or other?

Animation nodes are so essential. I hope the come out of beta soon and more control. Things like making a wheel rotate are way to complicate in Blender. In C4D I just used a Phython Script Tag, so simple.
Also constraints and particles system and Modifiers need to become nodes. I read that’s the future plan. Well, I hold myself back using Blender till then and till outliner is more useful.

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