So i just got a mullet

So i just had my first haircut in more than two years and got a mullet.

Mulletz RULE!!!

Wow,cool…I just got a Sea Bass and a shark on the side.

Hunter welcome to the club, I no longer have a mullet, but I did have one, and it was truly sweet, i am considering it again.

So this is you then?

1/ Photo evidence.
2/ Once went to school with a Richard Mullet.
You should get your picture in there…

Just kidding… i’m sure you look cool…:slight_smile:

Mullets do make a statement!

I was thinking the same thing, I came in here looking for pictures. Though now I really want to see the ones of Alltaken.

Ah, the mullet aka the toilet-bowlcut (see they leave the bit at the back because of the lid). We pioneers of hair extravagance must stick together. :RocknRoll::RocknRoll:

Yeah, Mullet rulez!! For all who still don’t know what a hack is Mullet:

Here is my favorite Mullet site:

Did ba suddenly turn into hillbilly central while I wasn’t looking?



Yep, we’re all sittin in the box car tyin ropes, playing banjos and puttin goofy hats on your mother:yes:

Okay so I don’t have the best idea of hillbillies as opposed to hobos.

Party in the back, business in the front.

Them thar youngins today has no sence of style.
Mew’s gots me a’s pair o’ jeans n’ no cow-poke hair or as you city folk say it fancy : mullet.

elam that pic is weird, it looks like he’s holding a tiny guy in his hands.