So I just learnt how much it sucks to try and render fire

Still teaching myself Blender, this time with some hard surface modelling and fire simulation.
I unfortunately had to abandon a lot of the shots I had planned as my OLD pc simply couldnt get the frame out :frowning:

As always calling it done, but would still love feedback.


the details are amazing, nice work ,
i like the design

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Thanks Mate, was a nice fun little exercise.

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Nice job there are some really great details on the flame thrower is this based off of a specific model?

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Thanks, the model is completely of my own design and ideas.

Nice job :grinning:

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Consider using golem project for rendering.

Interesting concept, but at least for now, as a hobbyist, I cant take on extra costs.

It’s free. you don’t have to buy anything.

But you pay in ethereum to render on their block chain?

You may buy their coin with etherium to pay for your rendering. Or you can main their coin on your computer and latter pay with it.