So, I May Get to Meet People Who Work at Pixar

Well, as the title suggests, a mutual friend said that he would introduce me to some people who work at Pixar. Needless to say I’m super excited.

I don’t know what they do at pixar yet but I wanted to ask the community and more specifically any professionals out there about what questions I should ask them. Is there anything I should not ask them? Are there any rules to follow in this situation? Thanks in advance!

Nope!(As long as it makes sense).

They are regular people like you. Be courteous, nice, what’s expected.

Like who… the janitors?

Ask them when “The Incredibles 2” is coming out.

So true!:yes:

Well, don’t ask them for a job first thing.

Take some time to read up on Pixar, find out all you can before meeting them.

But good questions might be:

What hardware and software do they use?
Does Pixar use Blender?
What is their work flow?
What have they done?
What are they proudest about?
What background does Pixar like to have in a new hire?