So I want to make a 3rd person action adventure game, but...

I’ve been fooling around with Blender and BGE for many years now, and I’ve finally decided to start my first serious game project. I want to make a 3rd person action adventure game set in a fantasy wold(similar to The Legend of Zelda), but I’ve racked my brain for months, and have yet to came up with any good story ideas(don’t ask me to share any, they are bad), much less any truly good gameplay concepts.

I’ve considered joining a team project here, but no one is making a game like this(that I know of), and I would really prefer to make my own game.

So I’ve come here to ask for advice, or even better, ideas. Any ideas for a story or interesting gameplay ideas would really be appreciated. I’m totally stuck.

Thanks for your time.

well im no expert but i would forget the story idea right now or all together, there just to many of those games out there instead focus on the experiance and the gamplay, try to make it make your mouth water “so to speak” make people want to play it just from seeing a screenshot and make it feel good and solid then if you want you can go in and start filling in the story.

Iam on the same, but i have design concept, iam python coder, no0bie with blender.

I started making Maplestory in 3D started about a month ago.
that file was made in 2.59 and I set the textures and lights for glsl. it can work in multitexture if the lights are turned down in all the scenes.

You could help me or i could help you if you have a better idea of a game to make.

agree…“better a good one than 100 bad”…
but the problem is…when you ave completed a good game…?
you can make a bit money with blender? or is only for the glory?

other games is also in WIP section , Cassandra seem near at you game idea, …
but, this is started much time ago …

I too would like to make a game like that,Fantasy 3rd
I think it has many advantages with a team … if the team is compact

I was thinking about a Libre Game (Client) and a non-Libre Game Server,
so the software on your PC its open source, and the server can sell in-game items,
like shiny armors, and stuff and still can prevent some cheating on client side like auto-clickers.
I know HTML5 so i can make a nice web for it, you are not forced to connect to server to start playing (practice).