So if OpenGL and OpenCL are dead on the Mac what is the Blender viewport using?

I hope I’m asking this in the correct space I’m a mac user and have been wanting to migrate to Blender from Maya for a long time but I have started to have a lot of reservation due to a lot of what I have been reading regarding Blender development on the Mac for instance it only supporting OpenGL and OpenCL wich are both essentially dead on the Mac

I noticed that My Radeon VII isnt even seen by Cycles

Also if this is the case what is being used to render the Viewport?

The only thing that I have been able to find is people ranting against Apple because they “Don’t support open standards” Which is complete nonsense and any real programmer over the age of 30 knows this. Apple has a very rich history in open source.

Don’t want to start a Flame war over Mac vs Windows vs linux or anything like that. I’m genuinly curious as to how the Blender UI and viewport is even working?

AFAIK : Dead means there’s no further support or development in this case. Viewport uses OpenGL. Apple dropped OpenCL in favor of its proprietary solution, Metal, instead of Vulkan and its newer raytracing extension. It seems Apple not supporting open standards is a thing.

OpenCL and OpenGL are DEPRECATED on macOS.

deprecated != dead

Then if it is there why is support being pulled in Blender? I mean I can run Geekbench in OpenCL and get a result. so it appears to still be in there. So if it they are still there and function is it really on Apple? I mean OpenGL itself is “Dead” as in future development managed by Kronos Group will be focused on Vulkan as I understand it.

As for how the whole Metal thing “started”. A good portion is the fault of the Kronos Group and their slow development. I mean OpenGL lagged so far behind and when the decision was made to do their own thing with Metal, Vukan was not really a thing and still some way off. It was a completely justifiable choice. and quite frankly it has worked very well for them. The performance on things written for Metal is REALLY good. Of course, I get that it doesn’t run on anything but Mac. I also get that is a lot of extra work for a developer.

But I mean I haven’t really seen anything on the Blender side of thing I mean I haven’t seen a lot of appetite for Moving things to Vulkan either. and that would allow a Vulkan based version to be more easily and more powerfully run on a Mac than a OpenCL would.

I have no idea about all this, tbf I don’t really care about Apple, why or how - I was just answering your initial question about Blender’s viewport. There are plans to move to Vulkan rendering at some point, but it’s not considered urgent. And Apple’s not supplying Vulkan drivers for their machines either as far as I know, leaving the work to Khronos group with MoltenVK, so you’re probably better off running Blender on a linux or windows box for the foreseeable future. There is a forum thread around that peruses these questions.

Right on fair enough. BTW yeah I found that thread, but the original guy that wanted to work on it disappeared then it just devolved in a mud slinging contest of pro and anti Apple people.

Anyway Thanks

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Deprecated in Apple language means these APIs can be removed without notice and Apple strongly urges developers to use other supported APIs.

They are as close to dead without actually being dead as you can get.

From the horse’s mouth: