So I'm a musician, actually.

So I’m a musician trying to learn what I can of Blender, so I thought I’d share some tunes with BA:

FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF, damn spam filter thing…2 is all you get.

Ha! And I was gonna start making a theme for blender (I’m a composer as well).


2 is all you get until you have 10 posts, the spam filter works wonders with the viagra adverts and the porn, but even so some still makes it through. :wink:

I recently started a thead looking for a theme tune for Blender and I for one appreciate the value of musicians in an artistic community.

You’ve found a good place to learn how to use the 3d phenomenon that is Blender. You will recieve more than you give, but you still need to make the effort yourself. I wish you all the best in your 3d adventures. :slight_smile:

Yep. We all welcome you.

Awesome, thanks! I’ve already learned a lot! I’m gonna try to be a bit more active on here. I feel like I learned a lot with Blender, then all the sudden wasn’t learning as fast.