So, I'm making a dark ride

Hi every one! I won’t tell you the whole story but here is te big outlines!

In the life, I’m a 3D animation teacher in a CÉGEP in Montreal. For those who don’t know what is a CÉGEP, it is basically a professional school inbetween high school and university.

This year, I give a class named “Production 1 - Cinema”. This is basically a pipeline class in wich the students learn how to follow a pipeline throught two SFX projects of their own.

They have seven weeks to do the preproduction, the production and the SFX of a 30 secons humoristic commercial.

To encourage them, I deceided to also make a SFX shot and this is where it is strating to be interesting.

A while ago, I was also a youtuber and I’m starting to do new video this year. One of the series I’m working on is critiques of bad movies and TV show and this is the contexte I’ll use for my SFX shot.

At first, I’m at my desk as I’m used to in my shows and then, the background changes and I’ll be in a boat like those of It’s a small worl after all at Disney. So, I’m making a full 3D environment of a dark ride with animatronics and every thing. It will have to be done in less than a month so I’l do quiet a load of extra hours! XD

I’m very open to comments and suggestions. The theme of this dark ride will be the 80s and 90s shows. The three you see every where was the main children channel back then in Montreal. it was named Canal Famille (Familly channel)

So, what do you think? This is just a render test I did to test the watter and the glitter textures! :wink:


Nice work! I don’t really know what would you like to teach but a bit more light welcome(I can barely see the boat)!!! Also why the camera is in front of the ship and not at the back?

Well, the main reason why the camera is facing the boat is because there will be a character intergrated in the boat. For the lights, it will increase while I add more dioramas in the scene so I guess this problem will correct itself in the next versions! :wink: If it doesn’t, I’ll add extra lights! :wink: Thanks for the comment!

It is good to feel the lighting of the boat for about 3 seconds. It is a dark atmosphere, but due to the light that is often rubbed, the dark part seems to make more sense.

By the way, the wood, the green floor and the enclosed fence do not feel the texture.

The reflection of the spaceship, the expression of the water and the lighting of the boat are real and beautiful. But the three surfaces I mentioned earlier seem a bit simple.

I’m sure you will finally produce great results.
I will cheer you up. :heart_eyes_cat:

Seams like a cool idea, good luck.

Question about the water (i guess this is more of a question about Blender, but your animation sparked it). The water looks good along with the reflections, is it possible (with Blender) to have the water move as you have it but also have the boat create its own waves as it moves down the channel ?

Nice work.

Well, to be honnest, those “Fake looking parts” are kind of wanted that way… Sort of… You see, I’m trying to repproduce a Disney World Dark Ride look. For example :

Well, technically, it is possible. But it would requiere a lot of simulation and I don’ t have the computer power to do it and then render it. Using Sheep It to render implies that I only can render scenes with les than 500 mo of data… If I overpass this limit, I would have to render it on my own computers and it would not be ready before a couple of months! XD

Ah! I saw the video you linked and I understood it. Thank you

Just a little wip. As it is based on It’s a small world after all, I have to make dancing dolls! ;-D What do you think?