So is Fh dead again?

Since “Fh” is too short a search term, I can’t find much about it. I know that I can set it in material settings to cause non-rigid bodies to conform to slopes. But it doesn’t work in 2.49 as far as I can tell. Is there something I have to do other than setting the material’s Fh and the object to “Do Fh” and “Rot Fh”?

No… I think it still works.

Do FH and Ro FH are very different, and you don’t need both. Do Fh results in a sort of spring motion… using Fh Dist and Fh Force to keep your object floating above the ground. Ro FH rotates the object according to the face normal.

All you have to do is enable Ro Fh on your object, go into the material of the GROUND, hit the DYN button, set the Fh Norm button, and set some values for Fh Dist, Damp, and Force.

See the attached example!



FH.blend (37.7 KB)

Ah, I missed setting a value for Fh Force. Thanks.