so i've got a question about linking characters into new snenes

Hi artists of blender! I have a scene that I’m working on where I need a large number of characters(who like a little bit like cubes, and will be forming 8bit sprite pictures) and I need to link them into my scene for the safety of my sanity; but a problem I’ve always come across is that it seems like I can only link only one unique character at a time, is possible to link in a character and make multiple instances of that, all of which can be animated independently?

Best Jelly

Not entirely sure what you are asking, but you can do “instances” involving multiple versions of objects from one using Animation Nodes these can be independently animated within AN - this creates “multi-user” instances, which must share the same materials BTW. Other than that, there are many other techniques in AN that might help you. Let us know exactly what you want to do and we can help a little more precisely please - images or blend files really make out lives easier!

Cheers, Clock.