So.... Little Question for people teaching themselves Blender 3D.

I have been teaching myself Blender 3D for like a Month now I’m recently teaching myself with books. But also plan on doing a ton of video tutorials after I get the basics down. So my question is whats the best book to get that will help a beginner/intermediate blenderer learn all he needs to know about using the game engine. Because all the books out there I have seen are based mostly about everything but the Game engine. Or even some really good tutorials to get me started would be nice to know about if anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks

Or wait for this to be released which will the only one for the newest version of blender

I got the Blenders Gamekit 2 already just not to it yet and I also have mastering blender just not the new version of course. So this all leads me to a new question. Basically is the gamekit and the mastering blender books gonna teach me all I need to know for starting my game?

I’ve got a few blender game engine tutorials here if you’re interested :

and I’m planning to make more as time goes. Personally, i found youtube the greatest resource for learning the blender game engine. :slight_smile:

Alright cool thanks =)

I have some BGE Python tutorials on my blog. We go through the process of making a complete game, from beginning to end, using Python to do everything yourself.

Alright Solar I will look at your stuff as well thank you all very much =)

Deoce has 2 tutorials on LowPoly modelling / texturing on Vimeo, i think they have room for improvement, but the result is amazing, and im in love with his accent…

i love & also :wink:

saeblundr’s right - BlenderCookie doesn’t have much for BGE tutorials, but their general Blender usage tutorials appear to be very good.

The latest Texturing tutorial on BlenderCookie, by David Ward, i found really good. It has sparked alot of learning on my part, even if it did not teach so much itself…

CG-Tuts has a tutorial on using texture mapping for BGE and terrains. The info can be extrapolated into other things.

I will say that blender is a very powerful 3D software suite, however the internal game engine was more of an after though on the developer’s part.