So lonely

Hello, this is my latest work. As a render i used yafray ( +ao pass). I hope you will like it :p.


great render idea and model…



I like it.
Maybe the right hand of the “princess” (what is she ?) looks strange…like plastics.
The lighting is excellent i think…
Only this woman feels a bit…stiff.

Lovely render, great mood aswell. Not entirely sure that the title fits the picture though.

I’d suggest working on you skin shader a bit, looks a milky at the moment and a bit strange, if you fixed it this would really be a top notch piece IMO.

Right now I give it 4 stars, but if you fixed the hands a bit, and the skin shader. I would give it 5.
The rest of it is very sweet!! :eyebrowlift:
Good job.

I think the biggest problem here is her hair, as it looks very stiff and lifeless. But the rest of the picture is very good. Lovely render and the mood is nice.

yeah! i like the style! love the textures also. :smiley:

Very nice and looking so great. Hairs are looking natural.