so long and thanks for all the fish

im relatively new to blender, only about two weeks or something, but anyways, heres my first hitchhikers guide to the galaxy render, based on the first scene of the movie, i hope you experienced blenderers can give me some tips for better renders:)

You really need some OSA on that. Plus I don’t think the water looks right and dolphins aren’t blue.

I know its your first render, but it could use a lot of improvement.

how the tables have turned…:stuck_out_tongue:

exctly what i was thinking lol

yer, it did come out a bit cartoony, but it was made in one morning, i probably couldve done better if i spent more time on it, and by the way, it wasnt my first render, id been doing a quick one every day, this was just my first render of hitchhikers guide to the galaxy

First, I suggest reading the books. Then, when you are done with that, I would move the text over so it doesnt cover the dolphin’s face. Also, I might have gone with a different font, but thats up to you

Change the format! NEVER use bitmaps online. They are huge. Use .gif or .jpg.

i read the trilogy of five if thats what you mean, but again, i rushed, i read em in about 4 days so i cant remember some of it, great books. anyways, i dont know how to change the font in blender, but i would if i knew how, and about using jpegs and all, i was told that using btmaps would keep the writing clearer than jpegs but ill try some other formats and see how things go

.jpg is not as clear because it is much smaller. .gif is clear and small, but you’d need to convert an image to that format because blender does not export to .gif yet. .png is good too, but it cannot be viewed by mac users. Anything else would be too big for use online, such as .tga and .tif.