So long, Radeon!

Ever try to play games or use Blender (or any program for that matter) on an ATI Radeon 7500? I have, and it does not go well. Jaggy, choppy, all around horrible. Luckily, I finally got to the point where I could shell out $300 for a Geforce 6600 GT. Saying I’m happy would be quite the understatement here.

So, now it’s time to kick the ol’ Radeon to the curb. My first thought of what to do with it was “Grab a hammer”, but that may not be the right way to go.

Anywho, not-so-long story short: Yippee!

Is that 300 in USD? Where’d you get that, the most expensive 6600 GT on Newegg is 204 USD.

Most expensive:

Least expensive:

Either way have fun! I’m hoping to get another year or so out of my GeForce4 MX…lmao

Nah, not American, Canadian. It was around $290 CAD, around $240 USD, bought it at ye olde local computer shoppe because I prefer buying locally in case I have troubles with it.

Still tempted to grab that hammer and Radeon…

Office Space style! :stuck_out_tongue:


Office Space style!

Oh yeah! I love that movie.

My good ol asian distributor

Way better than new egg and better service. Plus I can drive to houston and pick up my order if i want!

I give you 10 bucks for your old graphic card or you could put it in a old computer with linux and donate it to a third world, get money off your taxes.

NO DONT EVERRRR DESTROY HARDWARE… if youre feeling strangely generous give it to ME. Ill pay for shipping. PM me

you want a celeron 233 system that doesn’t boot?

you need to be more specific

Never destroy any working hardware, those garbage cost taxs payers money, so remember the three R’s Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

Rubbish Rests in Receptacle.

Still don’t know what I’m doing with the Radeon. May give it away. May destroy it. May let it gather dust in the far reaches of the laundry room.

I never destroy hardware, and i have a room full of ancient computer equipment. Anyone know the going price of a 286 mobo???

What’s a mobo ?

3 yen sounds good, as I can grab those from the trash :stuck_out_tongue: mobo=motherboard al capone.

Never destroy working hardware.

I read an article and its praticley impossible to recycle old hardware pieces.Give it to 3rd world country and let them learn computing.

Mmmh I got my laptop right now which I had to buy for school. It has an Radeon graphic card. The first think I did was opening the box, put the laptop on, find the internet and download blender to see if it works. And well it works perfect, renders perfect.
The reason why I tested, was because if it didn’t work properly I had returned it :wink: And have said: “some applications aren’t running properly for some reason” :stuck_out_tongue: (blender :smiley: !!!)

But no fear it worked perfect on a Radeon x600 Pro, as well as all the another applications I have. :stuck_out_tongue:

this piece of crap laptop i have has a mobile ATI 128 pro… i think the pro means, Its professionally bad… Every driver i’ve used with it really sux in open gl, I have the same problem with all my ATI cards along with a really old TNT card. but then again i did get the TNT for free, out of a burnt out computer so i cant say that its anything other than the card being bad…

just figure out a place that takes computer donations, a lot of people like radeons. I dont know why, but thats another story.

3 yen!!! I would like to know where you can find 286 mobo’s these days, anywhere? I wish i had an 8086 to complete my x86 collection…