So lost with the Joan of Arc tutorial.

I don’t know why this stuff wont just stick in my head, but I got lost right where I have to put the background image. Do I have to put the front and side picture of the face or just the front? Do I model the face with a cube, plain or curves? I’ve been going through tutorial for about a week/2weeks now and I still can’t seem to get the hang of it. :frowning:

the face should be modelled with a plain.

your screen should be split into a few subwindows.

front(1num button)
side(ctl+3num or 3num button it depends on wether you flip the picture)
and camera

dont be afraid to delete i you have to… its a tutorial not a commisioned job

Uhm no, you’ll need front as well as side view.
Make sure they are about the same height so that you can place the vertices in front view and in side view you can put them at the right depth.
IIRC the face is one picture with both sides anyway, couldn’t be easier.
Make it the background picture in Blender and have the front view and the side view side by side.

It’s not a box modelling tut (if you want box modelling check the dinosaur tut) but vertices modelling.
Basically you begin with a plane, select one vertice. Delete it.
You place the other vertices correctly and then you just one of them each at a time.
When you think you’re satisfied with four vertices you can select them and press F.
This will fill the vertices and create a face.

It looks difficult and it is, at first.

Would I need to join the vertice after I delete one if I add more?

I got the modeling part down, but how do I edit the side view without changing the front view like it shows in the tutorial?

Actually, with that tutorial you don’t need to delete vertices. You start with just a plane, position it under the eye then extrude one edge then another and so on creating a loop of quads all around the eye. When you get back almost to the start, just select the lat edge and the very first edge and press F to fill the space with a final quad.

Be aware that as you progress thorugh this tutorial that it isn’t made for Blender so you’ll have to work out how to achive some of the things suggested, such as making cuts in parts of the mesh. It’s all possible but different.

If you ever try the simpler “better face tutorial” posted on elysiun by Torq (and made for Blender) you will then need to model with vertices initially instead of planes.

With regards to background images, there are two popular approaches. The simplest is to have two window views open (as mentioned earlier) with a front image in one and a side image in the other. You just move between each, shifting vertices to line them up in both views. The other method involves making two vertical planes and mapping an image onto each one then positioning them at right angles to each other, meeting like the corner of a room. You position this so that you just switch views in one window while modelling. I think you have to turn on “Shadeless” and “Texface” for this method. … I use the first method.

I’m doing the 2 views method, but the eye in the side view doesn’t look like it should. Instead of showing the actual side view of the eye, I just see the eye kinda like just a line.

Dah, ain’t it pretty obvius? You haven’t done any modeling to the Y axis. You haven’t used the side view on the face at all.

You have to work both windows simultaneously. For now, just select the outside corner vertices in front view then go to side view and drag (G) them back to line up with the corner of the eye. Then do the same with the inside-corner of the eye. Then grab top centre and move forward in the side view.

The trick is to select the vertices in the easiest view for selecting them then to actually move them in the required view.