So many objects, one texture

I have this project that consist of manly 8 objects. Had textured each with a image texture of it is own.
Now I need to stitch all textures into one image, but I want each to locate texture correctly on the appropriate object. Is it possible?

Hey, I saw your question in the other topic. Honestly I don’t know how to solve the problem, although I think maybe a start would be to look at the manual for 1.) Mapping Types, particularly for lightmap pack because it mentions multiple meshes and 2.) Layout Workflow. Hopefully someone with more experience can chime in to help.



I will take a look on it, thanks!

Once you’ve joined your objects, you can create a new (blank) texture and bake all the objects to merge all their textures as explained here:

Thanks, be reporting in if any thing happens not as expected.
Am still open for other walkarounds

Using this way:

I got now idea as to where I could scale the uvmap

As to the other way, I got no idea of where those things are. Can’t see a bake button on the uvmap.
Am using 2.8

For the Bake button you need to be in Cycles I guess, then Properties panel > Render > Bake, maybe follow a tutorial on this topic

How do I get there? Cycles I mean?

Properties panel > Render tab > Render Engine > Cycles, maybe you can bake in Eevee as well, I don’t know

Thanks for the tip

Can not find where to do this:

Okey, found what he meant, only thing is uvmaps won’t resize to the right size for the image.
Gonna try the other way