So many render programmers,just one game engine programer?

Why is this so - does nobody give a damn about the game engine?What’s so great about rendering that makes people forget the game engine.Renders are SO Unalive , they are just pictures - ge is the opposite,you create your own world with your rules and stuff , and stuff you create is moving and everything - thats something that renders could NEVER NEVER (i can repeat this a milion times) NEVER achieve.This is so unfair :x :< [!] [!] [!]

So do any of you guys know why its like this(so many render engine programmers but just one game engine programmer)?

create your own world with your rules and stuff
yeah thats cool… :slight_smile:

good point!
maybe cuz it takes more time to code,and its harder.
but i would really like to see some new features in the game-engine,in uvmaping :< and stuff.

Yeah it is harder , but isnt it worth it? So what if its harder,what matters is the result , not how hard it is.Im no computer guy and have almost no experiance in computers and learning blender was an almost impossible thing to me but now i understand blender and thats a big achievement to me.My bro tryed blender and gave up in 15 minutes but i didnt give up,i learn blender for 5 months now even though it was extreemly hard and im happy i learned it.

I play games because they make me forget the reality.Thats why i like games - they are not a reality,they are not the real world,games let me do things i cant do in real life.And blender gives me an opportunity to even create my own world.

i think its just because the coders are not interested in the game engine… intrr has been doing some things with the game engine latley. haven’t seen alien-xmp around but he is a busy guy ya know =) just got to appreaciate that they decided to keep the engine in i guess. and the number of coders will grow… it takes more time to learn about realtime programming then render junk i think.

Lol yes, I tried a little look what I should know if I wanted to start. Pfff that’s a lot. OpenGL, C and C++, and since I’m not that good at coding I just keep myself on python. I hope I learn each month a lot more and afther that can try to do some blender source python hacks. :stuck_out_tongue:

Quit whining, it’s completely fair. I’d say that there are at least 4 times as many people to use the renderer than people who use the game engine. If you want more programmers, make an exceptional game that will catch their attention (easier said than done). Show that you’re willing to put endless hours of labor into your projects just as they have to.

If you want more programmers, make an exceptional game that will catch their attention (easier said than done). Show that you’re willing to put endless hours of labor into your projects just as they have to.

That’s exactly it. Have any of you actually seen the work they crank out with the rendering engine. I mean a lot of people that use it create extremely professional looking artwork and videos. Yes, they also have more people using the rendering engine than the game engine and they have created lot’s of exceptional artwork from it. Game Engine users can’t really boast the same thing, because off the top of your head, how many exceptional (extremely superb) games made in GE can you name (The finished ones)? Lack of great games made using the software will of course mean lack of interest to code the Game Engine. %| Umm, I hope you know these guys aren’t getting paid.

Jason Lin

At any rate…you can also learn alot from the rendering side of things that pertain to the game engine. Don’t count out that those programmers on the rendering side have made and are making many of the tools we use in the game engine.

Im not saying I hate the rendering engine , im just saying its unfair that there is only one game engine programmer while there is so much render engine programmers.

If you want more programmers, make an exceptional game that will catch their attention (easier said than done). Show that you’re willing to put endless hours of labor into your projects just as they have to.

Ok , i will,I always get my work done,you’ll see(you dont even know what im like, im capable of many things and many people can proove it).

I thought the telephone model was pretty good… but this

blender need more game engine programmers…

Maybe we have to raise a Programmers foundation. Promoting Blender and make it intresting for more programmers, especially the Game Engine. Maybe I can do something with that, starting a promotion team. :smiley:

I’m planning to go to the next blender conference 2005 as an official Blender user and advanced user of the Game Engine. Maybe I can do a little promotion realtime video or something. But I’m not sure how I’ll do that. :wink:

yep I agree
People almost do nothing interesting with the game engine
and the game engine is realy poor - no spec, reflexion, no portals, bsp
If someone could make something big and awesome , maybe…
Btw I am curently checking out Crystal Space. does not look so bad.

but what we want in new version?
[game engine] :wink:

As much as I would like to harp on people for not helping to program for the game engine, all I can think about is how I’m not doing anything to help. I like the game engine just as much as the next joe (or jane), and I would like to see some more improvements on it, but the improvements that have been made from the beginning (I’ve been a blender for a while now, but I still consider myself a noob) have been greeted with open arms. Afterwards, you see people posting for more, wanting more. I’m not one of those people. I’m not saying your wrong or anything, nor am I saying that your a whiny little insert expletive of choice, because your not. You have a good point, but what I would like to do about it (and, hopefully, will do) is to show people what Blender is actually capable of. Right about now, I try to read Python scripts and I just get a headache and my eyes get crossed. But, after my head feels better and I can see, I still try to learn, because the lack of programers is a problem, but I want to help fix it, not sit around and cry for more. They do this stuff for free. Give them some credit.

:wink: iokua83 umm, I suggest you read up on C++ instead if anyone would like to help program in the Game Engine. Last I heard, the GE is coded in C++, python just allows users to extend usability. Then again, anyone can correct me if I’m wrong.

Jason Lin

Your right, it is C++. If I read the python documentation correctly, though, and Python gives me a headache and double vision, I’m afraid to see what C++ does to me, but, hey, I love a challenge! :smiley:

Well, Python isn’t that really hard, it’ just the way t think about how things works or better, how to get them working.
Also python is really logic in some ways, if you read the code aftherwards you learned python, you would say, yes I understand that story.

With c++ it’s a way different, well for me. It has bunches more possibilities and bunches more tags or combinations which you have to know. And vene cooler, each day they find another combinations to type the code to get another results.

I took a look on Python and c++, but for so far I can tell you. Learn python first, it helps you understanding how to think logical about programming. But if I’ll ever know how to code c++, no idea. But until that time I’ll stick with python. :smiley:

Learn C++. Then what? Start making a refraction function that calculates in 3d space? Uhg. Thats tough noogies. Even if I knew the code. For those who know Python, imagine trying to make a 3d game engine in it. If it were possible it would be tough enough! I have always been amazed with those who know in depth programming. I see people at work claiming that I am a computer expert beacuse I know how to make an excel spreadsheet. When people say this I always have to comment “What about those that made Excel?” :smiley:

Sorry kind of went off there. :-?

OK, maybe a refractor is a little far off, and, yeah, it would be tough, but just think if you (well, hypothetical-you, if you wish) did code it in. If I could contribute anything to blender, especially the game engine, it would be really cool.

BTW: Thanks to yesterdays little , ummm, whatever it was, I have decided one of my majors for college: Computer Programming! Not sure exactly what it has to do with anything here, but, hey, just wanted to let yall know.[/i]

for those who are frustrated with Blender’s game engine, you can still yse other game engines
I use CrystalSpace and it is quiet cool
I have just posted a thread about CRYSTALISER, it is a pluggin I made
to export CS worlds