So much for the hotel of the future not needing employees

Japan’s now famous robot hotel, where few employees are needed because of automation, has fired half of their machines.

The reason, they suck as their job, with not the least being the front desk dinosaurs unable to answer basic questions. This could be a relief to those thinking robots will replace humans everywhere because chances are this hotel is soon going to be buzzing with newly trained human workers.

Humans need not apply, but if there’s any complex task or communication requirement, not for a while yet.

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:smiley: … robotic technology has a very long way to go.

the more people get inlightend , the more the get dummer !!!

If we stop using our brains, we could evolve to not have them anymore.

It’s so simple… Just look around you.
Any form of Intelligence needs to sense :kissing: the deeper it gets, the finer it becomes.

It’s not hard to make a robot look good. It’s not that hard anymore to interpret human speech. But, we still can’t make them think. And, if I’m paying lots of money to stay at a fine hotel, I want the people(!) who work there to give me excellent service.

That AI hotel just hired the wrong virtual employees…

(Poe from Altered Carbon)

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it’s going to be a long and bumpy road, and robots are suitable for tasks that are repetitious and programmed at the moment

No one is using a GAN to make plans, and a game engine to test them, and refine it’s gan based on the results. Yet*

I predicted this would be the bridge between ‘programmed’ and ‘planned’ actions now for a long time.

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