so much to do with blender!

i have a problem, im pretty new to blender and i love learning about it, but, ive had such bad creativity block that im just to frustrated to do anything!
perhaps could you guys give me a project or some suggestions of something (challenging but not to tough) for me to do! anything would help.

thanks! :expressionless:

  1. Don’t panic. :slight_smile: Relax. Pay attention to result, but do not be obsessed with it. Modelling stuff is fun, and if you get something useful, - well, that’s even more of it.
    (one very old and pretty sadistic exercise for those learnong to draw - try to draw something slowly, detailedly, and NOT LOOKING AT PAPER AT ALL. It really helps to understand that attitude, if not overused.)

  2. There was a thread like this lately. The guy have chosen a sword IIRC. Cup of coffee is popular too.

does drawing and not looking at the paper really seriously help? cuz if it does im all for it lol.

Well, it is completely real and often used exercise, but there’s much more than that of course :slight_smile: I told about it just to illustrate my point, - don’t be afraid, nobody produced a brilliant mesh just after few tries. Thiss does not mean that you should be content with crappy renders, but you won’t make any progress if you do not do anything, and modelling takes much time to master, so you shold enjoy the process itself as much as the final result or you’ll simple won’t be able to do anything.

when in a block, search the tutorials for ones you like the look of. Its a constructive way of learning until the block goes away and may inspire ideas

Going for a walk in the woods (or park) is a great way to find inspiration. Create a worked-to-death art idea, like a bowl of fruit or a foggy landscape. Experimenting in Blender is also a great way. Try to recreate an effect you see on TV or in a movie. Not the scene, just that one effect. Often playing around with Blender gets the creative juices flowing. Got a favorite book or story? Try making a scene, character, or whatever from it. Go to the Weekend Challenge forum. You don’t need to enter your pic, but the topic may give you an idea.


thanks you guys im back on track now. for any one interested im making an ant, of pictures of it so far are in the wip secting!