So, object ID cannot be = 1?

I thought my setup was wrong as no matter what I did my object ID pass wouldn’t show up.
Then I changed the ID from 1 to 2 and it worked.
What am I missing?

Is someone around?

I dunno man, according to the documentation it can be.

Thank you @NiklasWerth

Then something is off here.

ID passes can be 1. You’ll need to provide an example of your issue for further information.
If it wasn’t ‘showing up’ what were the values of the pixels at its location?

Thanks for the info, @Ben_Morrison
I’ll check when I get home tonight and I’ll post the values.

Glad you found a workaround for your blend, but in order for anyone to see what was actually the matter, you’ll need to post your blend.

@sundialsvc4 I haven’t. Unfortunately I’ve been busy with other projects and two things happened with the Object ID. The one issue I posted here for I couldn’t re-create it. I did several iterations and at some point I lost track.
The one that I could reproduce was with the object id not working with linked files, most likely because I was linking a collection thus it makes sense.

If I’ll be able to track back the first issue I’ll post here again.