So sad!

(macke) #1

(@ce) #2

Yea…not again…
I dont wanna see blender being closed down

(harkyman) #3

Wow. Should I feel sad that a company no longer exists? I do. How depressing.

(system) #4

This sucks!! I start using blender about 6 months ago and I was preparing to finally get my 2.0 guide and now this! This is really to bad. I sure hope that they come back in some form!

Is the #BlenderChat on irc still gonna go on?


(system) #5

This is so depressing, pretty much my entire day revolved around Blender…
Things were picking up speed on Dynamica (goodbye…) again as well…


(macke) #6

Eeshlo, make it standalone?

(system) #7

pow pow pow , oww ow ouw.

thats all fishies. NaN could not listen to the artists askking for a creator licence, so POW OWW! They are gone. Who’s going to want to use a weak game tool for PS2.
I realy did want to like blender. But they just would not listen to anyone.

(slikdigit) #8

this really sucks. Is there any way they can continue blender? sell it? open source it? or can you do neither with bankuptcy laws?
2.25 was such a big improvement too.
dunno what I’ll do for a 3d soft right now. I don’t like to pirate, have philosophical issues with the big guys (they charge too much!) and don’t really like the other cheap/free offerings as much.
Any advice?
PS just to make things worse I’m on Linux. So even less choices.

(CurtisS) #9

The only way I can support Blender at this point is to post version 2.23 in the Downloads section of my website. I encourage others with web sites to do the same!

This really puts a big, fat kink in the F1 Challenge. Damn!

(Poju) #10

Whow what a shock. I attend to stick with Blender and see what happens, hope it will continue in some way

(dreamsgate) #11

I feel like I just lost my best friend. I started every day by going to the blender boards to see what everyone was up to. When I got home from work I did the same thing. THis is a real bummer.

(rndrdbrian) #12

Very sad news.

I’ll still use blender for the moment though.


(system) #13

Hey… it might not be completely dead… hey everyone (eeshlo :P) finish your scripts… please… think of it this way: you could be the only Blender development until NaN gets itself sorted out…

sigh I hate it when this happens… snifsnif


(Goofster) #14


all the best to the NaN staff, I hope they will find they’re way.

but people PLEASE!


as we speak there are plans being made to host new sites.


(system) #15

On 2002-03-14 05:11, macke wrote:

“You” are sad Macke.


(dreamsgate) #16

pffft, you are sad.

We are bummed, if you don’t want to be supportive go away.

(Nayman) #17

okay guys, we need to bnand together. i think between all of us we can help NaN. They have done so much for us, so lets help them. I love belnder, and refuse ot see it dissapear. Anyone with me?

[email protected]

I need help, and so does NaN
get abck to me

(system) #18

On 2002-03-14 09:02, dreamsgate wrote:
pffft, you are sad.

We are bummed, if you don’t want to be supportive go away.

Sorry, this was not meant to say that the situation with NaN isn’t sad. It is. I like Blender overall (a few reservations) and thought it had even more potential.

My comment was directed at Macke for another reason. Since he is being a child and a hypocrite and has “banned” me from #blenderchat, this was the only way I had to let him know what I thought of him.

I hope the guys from NaN find a way to survive and keep Blender alive. Blender gave (and still gives) many people the ability to explore 3d in a way they may not otherwise have had the opportunity to.

I may not agree with recent NaN moves but I can’t say they didn’t try.


(system) #19

jeez, it’s a dirty rotten shame. i loved blender, and it had one of the coolest communities ever. blender had alot of potential, and i’m sad i’ll never be able to buy my own blender guide and stuff from the shop. i’ll keep using blender two-twenty-three for a long while yet. i hope the blenderleague continues there work. sadly, i don’t know where the community is going to move to. most likely here. hopefully.

i wonder what will become of on the haunt at curtis’ f1 challenge! maybe i’ll expand on the haunt to use other tools, but it just wouldn’t be the same. oh well, we’ll wait and see.

-biofreak (or redbiofreak, or bluebiofreak, or orangebiofreak, or janetjackson) ([email protected])

(theeth) #20


I’ll talk with Eeshlo about the future of Dynamica. then I’ll post something here again.