So this Jet is Parked Next Door and What do I do how ?

Now - Ok so I have a dilema.
I got started on this permanent job that is right next to where this famous as movie director parks his jet aircraft (when him be not using it). I aint never been labeled as a stalker, and no thank u I’d rather not be labeled or even minutely accused as one in the future I’ll have you know right now.
So knowing these celebrity types, they probably whisk themselves into the jet aircraft
at midnight, when us folks are hard at it with the blenderartists forums, or maybe being vera good and just be at it doing blender 3d. So I probably have no chance of being within a hundred metric distance units of this geezer . . . but on the off chance . . .
So assuming we do cross paths, I know I will approach him, if just to share a few words (from recent articles of interviewers of him, he has a down to earth easy personality). How do I approach this boy ?
I would like to bring up the subject of blender 3d when I do talk to him, but I don’t want to come across as wanting nothing from him no way.

I gots me health, a roof over me head, clothes, three square meals, me blender 3d, me favourite forum(this one in case you was wondering), and all of them psychology needs and wants pyramid, I wants nofink from 'im so there I’ve let it out that in me.
For all you aeroplane fanatics, his jet aircraft is quite spotless and shiny from the outside, there’s two flash offices that I can see from outside into the hanger. Apparently though there is a problem though with the birds that somehow sneak into that hanger and do what birds do best when they are above pretty much everything.
I value your opinions and your help is most apprectiated. Please do not hesitate to field any queries on the subject matter.

??what on earth are you talking about, you lost me on the first paragraph!

marry his daughter??

I’m interested in both aviation and movies / the movie business.

Don’t keep us in suspense :

  1. What kind of plane is it ? … (if you don’t know … write down the “N” number on the tail :slight_smile:

  2. Who is this person?

Has he used “obvious” CG in his movies?

How do you know he has a “down to earth” personality.

If you do get the chance, probably just a "Hi … nice day … nice plane …what kind is it? … loved your movie “XXXX” ", would be a start. If he wants to talk to you, he will. If not, be cool, maybe he’ll chat later.


“Hi, I’m kbot. Nice plane you’ve got there. Would you mind if I modeled it in Blender? I’d need a couple of reference photographs. What’s Blender, you ask? …”

This is the nicest approach I think. Thank you Orinoco!

Excuse me, my Lambo’s in the garage. Could you give me a lift home?

Before I answer this, I want to make sure that you are sitting down!

You know you’re a blender-head when you introduce yourself to people in the “real world” (what’s that ?), using your forum screen name :wink:


… lol - yes fortunately I’ve never had the blooper of telling anyone that I’m kbot in the real world. My real-world name is rather difficult for the average person to say right the first time (or for the 3rd or 4th time), since I’m not locally born. So my name is a really good ice breaker for any conversation, and I’m sure this will help. By the way, on my way to get the mail, I went past the hanger again.

if you can get some pics I would love to see if it is real.

Pictures of the jet in the hanger you mean ? Well I don’t have a camera!

Why don’t you just act normal?

Like just say Hi, how are you?

I think acting normal is a better approach. If I say I want to model his plane in blender, well I don’t have a camera, and there’s 5 planes in our company hanger anyway. And yes av-gas takes a bit getting used to.

Who is it? Say it now or else…

Just a lame post to let MR T dance for you.

*** deleted post ***

Ok I have to say who it be, but you must be sitting down first.

i think you can be pretty safe in betting that none of us are standing.
so bring it.
or else. :ba:

You scaring me dude with Mr T now. Take him away and I tell. But also be sitting down too.

come on tell us