So very tired

I’ve just finished my GCSE’s and now i am free to work on blender so i really need some ideas for me to actually stick to this time.
(trust me i have none after revising the complete history of Medicine and DNA :frowning: )
Anyone got any ideas on what i should make?

My a-levels finish in 2 weeks, just had maths today and physics for the next 2 weeks. Im actually starting a project after ive finsihed my exams. Im starting a shoot em up, while there are a lot of ideas on the topic a lot of them have been taken. I suppose it depends on what you enjoy, like football or sports games dont interest me at all.

well one idea I’m starting to think about is doing something you already know… something ‘simple’ that you’ve played before … so you know all the rules and what happens… that way you can plan it out easily… or quicker… and know what you’ll reach… ie

pac man, 2d scrollers, card games, puzzle games… early 2d stuff I’ll be looking at… then when you start to build your program up you can look over it and improve upon or see what mistakes you’ve made etc…

making an effiecient program requires alot of practice and skill… so see what you can manage with what’s in your head in the first place…

I might make a 2-d game into 3-d so i can practice my character modelling skills and python, I really can’t get the joints of the elbows and knees to look right when i make my characters.

good luck on your A-levels rav!

if your haveing problems with the armatures making your elbows and knees messed up you need to change the weight, that way when your walking it doesn’t look like your character is breaking his legs (i’ve forgotten to do that more then…uh twice) %|

2D old DOS games to 3D Blender games? hmmm… sounds like what I am doing… after being idle for so long, I have finally found some inspiration.

You should do that!