So what do we think of Windows 7

I think it’s due to be released sometime in October. Some have already got the Beta version but I just wanted to know what everybody thinks it is or will be.

They say it’s going to be less ‘resource hungry’ and will be good for netbooks. The Aero is still very similar to Vista though.

So long as Blender and all my other programs run smoothly and efficiently on it, W7 is a-ok with me.

if it is going to be faster than vista i might consider switching. Anyone tested BETA?

I’ve got a friend who’s in IT who’s been testing it. He likes it a lot.

I will not leave XP professional until something “better” comes along.

It looks pretty good, It seems to consistently outperform vista and looks quite nice and finished. Although I still like my XP more :slight_smile:

It’s looking pretty good from all the reviews. Everybody I know that downloaded the beta (or whatever Microsoft had released) says it absolutely rocks Vista. I’ll let you know in a couple months, I’m getting a copy because of a Dell Laptop deal.

On vista, my blender doesn’t work properly, some of the Python scripts don’t work.
I can’t save the user defaults thing.

But on XP all the scripts work perfectly.

What did they do when they were making vista!!!

Rewrote large portions of the operating system and changed how it works instead of just adding on to old versions of Windows. It’s like what Blender 2.5 will be - pretty good, and with loads of new and great stuff, but it’s going to take them a while to get the bugs out and you’ll have to learn some new ways of using it.

Anyway, I’ve been using 7 in a virtual machine for a while and it’s pretty good, but I wish I could get the classic Windows start menu. All I really need in it is shut down, run, and all programs. Actually I don’t even really need a start menu that much :confused: In Vista I always use quick launch and the run dialog

my friend installed Windows 7 beta on a very weak PC …1 GB ram ,128 mb Vram ,2.8 celeron processor and it was faster then XP with the same look as Vista …

but i had lots of troubles with the driver installations …maybe thats only in Beta they will fix it …

you can publicly download and test the RC, it’s valid thru jun 2010 (starts nagging in march).
I installed the Ultimate 64 bit version (triple booting with XP-Ubuntu) and so far it looks, feels and works great, very fast, responsive and stable, pretty much like XP but it feels a bit more robust (I guess because it’s taking full advantage of the ram installed not as XP32bits that only recognizes/uses 3gb tops). It’s very much like Vista in terms of “looks”, but it doesn’t crash or hangs. Never been a Vista fan myself, but W7 is gonna be a good next step. I guess I’ll upgrade from XP to W7. Oh yes, the XP compatibility thing works great too, specially for games. Blender runs and compiles just fine. The only thing that is a bit annoying is not having the proper rights when installing everything to “Program Files” or “Program Files (x86)”, so better know which programs not to install there to have full access to them. :wink:

ps. Final note: all drivers were detected automatically. I just upgraded Nvidia’s to a specific W7 version to avoid a bug with leadwerks 3d engine.
ps2. For blender and yafaray to work properly in W7 you must install the regular 32bit Python packages, not the 64bit ones.