So what does your Blender look like?


So here’s a simple question: What does your Blender default scene look like?

Do you use the “Default” theme? Do you use the “Rounded” theme? Have you modified either of those? Have you built a theme from scratch? What is your scene config like?

Here’s mine. I modified the “Rounded” theme and set up a totally different scene config.


here is mine… :smiley:
i hope you like


OWOWOWOWOWOW!!! MY EYES!!! :stuck_out_tongue: Seriously bright colors dyf.

Here’s mine.


dfy: Whaaa??? Are you serious? Wow that would kill my eyes! :eek:

But hey if it works for you, that’s cool :slight_smile:

RedJay: Big monkey. Nice! I like it.

Nice thread, wanted to start this my self :slight_smile:

Two panels ROCKS! Even better if you have widescreen as I do:yes:


Mine is fairly simple… Default Rounded theme with a mirrored plane in the center viewed by 2 windows. I also have three extra layers (Not seen in the picture) 2 of which hold lighting setups and camera positions, and the last one holding a curved “matte” and 2 camera angles. There are some other changes as well.


Super Cow (lol): Dude awesome 2 panels! Good idea. I do that sometimes when I need it…

Nikolaus: Very interesting to see all of your set ups. A mirrored object for default! Cool never would thought of that :slight_smile:

Here’s mine, I was theme hopping for quite a while, but I really like this one and am quite settled on it.


@Nikolaus, My default .blend opens a half cube with mirror mod as well. :slight_smile: Very useful. Also, I have 6 of the bottom layers holding different lighting rigs for various styles of lighting. Among others I have the Rembrandt lighting rig, three of my own studio rigs, one faked GI, and one Clay.

Here’s mine :smiley:


radialronnie: Very interesting about the different lighting rigs. Cool concept.

superx10: Is it full screened? So when you need to access your buttons you just hit CTRL+UPARROW and poof it’s there?

Changed it a little!


the first one was joke of course… here is my default set up… i keep luxrender on by default…

i use the Dark Focus theme (you can get it from here):
been using it for a few years now… elegant and easy on the eyes.


After all these custom themes, I feel kinda silly saying I just use the default, always have. Makes helping other people (my relatives and friends) a lot easier if we all have the same setup.

default rounded. with front, side, camera, and top view


The Bigfoot:

I feel kinda silly saying I just use the default
If it works for you, then it’s not silly. But if you want to use a custom theme and still be able to help, just switch it back to default and then when your finished helping, switch it back! No problem.

blender3daddict: 4 viewports nice!

default rounded.
That looks like the “Default” theme not rounded…

I just use the default because I’m still just a noob at this and I’m SCARED to try messing with it.

Good thread though. I like seeing the different themes you guys(gals) use.

MentalKhandr: No need to be scared :smiley: It’s really easy and totally fool proof! (lol just remembering my own experiences…) Just copy the default theme, rename it, then start playing around with colors and stuff. If you goof up, no sweat! Just go back to user prefs and change the theme back to default! You’re now back where you started and you can do it all over again :smiley:

Here’s mine.


FourMadMen: Interesting setup! The script looks cool too, did you make it?