So, what exactly does retopo paint tool do?

When in retopo, you can place vertices and they fall back along the axis untill they hit the model. But what do the paint tools that appear when you enter retopo mode do? Are they at all similar to the zbrush retopo brush? If so, how do you work them =/. Or are they just for planning then placing vertice’s according to it?

The brushes might be there for the sculpt mode - with retopo disabled … but that is just guessing

I think these pages might be of interest for you:


No no no, Like, The Pen, elipse and line. Like in zbrush. These tools (Only appear when retopo AND paint are on):

Edit: After exploring wings a little, I realise it is so much ahead of blender for box modelling. I think it’s officially my favorite modellor. I’m going to use it for modelling, then import to blender for sculpting and subdivision surface. Thanks for making me check it out again.

Paint something like this
and press enter.

Note that it only keeps in account intersections, and for each 3 or 4 vertices (but no more) makes a face.

Wow, that’s pretty cool … and explains why i couldn’t get it to work yesterday. :smiley: Now i just need to make some testst with this. Really painting mesh topology liek this should be faster in a lot of situations.