So what have people been doing with Crystal Space?

Well project Apricot or what ever its called has been doing what ever its doing for a while and many talented Blender types have been krafting exquisite games from the BlenderCS pluggin thing.

So as mentioned in another thread… I think it would be a good time to see what all those that managed to install the software have achieved - and maybe give some of use who couldn’t get it to work insentive to have another go.
Probably the wrong forum but then my name is not Mmph!

Please Crystal Blenderers … show us your wears and make us jealous of your extra feature usage…:spin::spin::spin::spin::spin::spin:

But if you know your name isn’t Mmph!, then you know the issues, and the correct forum to post this in. So what’s this all about? You can, but Mmph! can’t? :no:

Please read this thread for an explanation and what Mmph! said… All in good humour…

And I am really interested in what people have been doing with CrystalBlender

I’m more interested in how; especially if they developed under Linux.

I know what CS is capable of (that’s not the problem), but I have yet to find detailed & (more importantly) working instructions for setting it all up to work with Blender on Linux.

Until then, whenever someone starts praising CB, I’ll offer complimentary goose feathers to go with their purple pimp hat.

here is a fly by test,
the polycount is pretty high, this would totaly choke blender.
it is hard to see the details in the video,
and the shadow maps where turned off.
This is a very old version of the CEL start package:

yet another walk test, and still the shadow maps where turned off:

here is a cubemap and normal map shader test:

same guy diffrent animation

I did all the above without a scrap of programming.
you interested in CS should just follow the artist install, it is one of the easyest things I ever did.
The only tricky part is setting up the environment variables. Then it is just 1 click to jump into your game and test it out, very like the BGE but only a little more time because it automatically bakes shadow maps for you

Ubuntu linux users just use APT-GET to install the plugin and the rest if the CS stuff.(even easyer then windows in linux!!)

Does it support Bullet Physics, Blender materials and UV textures, Vertex Colors, Multiple UV channels, Blender’s python functions, and all the Logic Bricks?

If so then CS may be worth looking into.

i made my room in blender, and then exported it to play around in crystal space. It wasn’t too bad at all, the only confusing parts were setting the environment variables, but the tutorials were so explicit, it was really easy.
anyways, i think it came out well, to say so myself :slight_smile:

it runs really smoothly and the walktest program allows you to walk around your virtual world, with all the basic functions of “mouselook” and strafing, without you having to program anything.
very nice!

You should find some answers here:

Does it support Bullet Physics,
someone has made some sort of plugin for this, I think it is in early development.
Here are a bunch of external lib’s we can access and use including OGG / Vorbis for sound and video.
more info here:
On the bullet front page it even lists the CS plugin:

Blender materials and UV textures,
The blender materails can be made for parallax, normal maps, and specular maps. (faster with the plugin though)
UV textures are definitely supported

Vertex Colors,
You can make your own shader for this, you can even do fur shaders if you need them :smiley:

Multiple UV channels,
It will make shadow maps and UV map them for you automatically.

Blender’s python functions,
Nope, a much more robust set of tools await you. Not just silly little scripts, you can control the entire game engine with CEL.

and all the Logic Bricks?
Crystal blend does this to a certain degree , hope it gets someone to develop it more.

I will never understand why people are having such a hard time installing the plugin , on the IRC channel I just give the artist install link and people seem to do it just fine. I have a feeling we are getting some false negatives here.In Linux all people need to do is use the package manager. I got it up and running in 2 minuets with Synaptic.

Thanks for replies so far.

I must admitt I did not spend too much time getting the install to work as I was only curious, But I did spend some time and I did check the enviroment variables. May be there is some weird problem with the install in certain circumstances

May have another look if I have time

CS is good for taking up space on my PC. It simply will not work on my PC. The game engine (CS) tries to start up and then a series of errors occur. I could probably swap video cards, and try a few other things, but I’ve already spent too much time on it as it is.

It seems a lot of people have similar problems. And the ‘fix all’ solution for those fortunate enough to run CS seems to be “you have to set the environmental variables correctly.” Well, that’s not always the case. There are other problems with CS.

Anyway, I hope they make improvements. It was very unfortunate that the Ogre implementation (apparently) went under. I was really hoping for it. The only complaint I have about BGE is that it’s too slow. I suppose that’s why everyone’s looking for an alternative. I surely am, but CS is not an option yet.

make sure you set the environment variables under system, not the top under user.
It has to be CRYSTAL, not Crystal or crystal
Also some people have had good luck by installing python 2.4 (you can have as many python installs as you want)