So, what new tools are planned for Blender? (not an UI discussion, yehhhh)

Well, as you can see by my post count, I´m fairly new to Blender.

While I too would like to see some minor UI additions/optimizations I´m a bit saddened that that topic seems to have drowned out the enthusiasm for planned and up-coming tools I remember from reading these forums over the last years.

So, now that we have Freestyle, Cycles, motion-tracking and bmesh (All I´m VERY thankful for, as I´m for Blender)…what additions can we expect over the next 2 years?

I don´t mean Blender´s roadmap, that´s easy to research, but cool stuff coming from other geniuses.

Hehe, don´t flame me with “program cool stuff yourself”! I´m just trying to get a light-hearted look into the future that doesn´t obsess with UI stuff (which is legit, but come on).

I personally would love to eventually see something like WETA´s collision based skinning/muscle system make its way into Blender. Or other alternative and more accurate skinning systems than what most 3d apps offer now.

Is anyone working on something like that?

Blender Roadmap

Thx, But as I wrote, the official road-map is not what I mean.

Read the GSOC results
Read the blender coding docs and todo lists
Read the threads on these forums
These things may happen or may not, nothing is set in stone, nothing is guaranteed.
If you want something particular, it’s up to YOU to take it in hand and do something about it

ok, I see you didn´t read my post with attention. thx anyway…

Don’t worry, Richard is just too busy to actually read the posts, don’t take it personally :wink:

The beautiful thing about Blender being open-source is that absolutely ANYTHING can happen and the features often come completely unexpected. I guess the features I am looking forward to the most is Ptex support, Cycles volumes, Bi-directional patch-tracing in Cycles and most of all the Viewport FX project.

I don’t think a WETA-system is feasible to make in Blender but maybe something like CAT for 3ds Max

There is one user creating something a bit similar to XSI’s ICE. Basically, node based modeling/modifier like workflow among other things. Not sure what the status on that, and I know he has a video floating around somewhere on these forums.

That was lukas toenne. Don’t know what’s the status of the project though, would be nice to ask him

That was lukas toenne. Don’t know what’s the status of the project though, would be nice to ask him.

mhy: I actually created a thread to keep track of all the projects (through users pointing them out) that are around that haven’t been finished, it is here:

I think is a good idea to keep track of them so they don’t get lost, even if they are on hold or abandoned. If we know about them, maybe we can fund them, support them some way, or maybe even encourage or fund someone else (in case the developer lost interest) to continue them.

Cool stuff coming from geniuses? look at siggraph trailers and what not… stuff coming into blender, dont hold your breath until its in trunk.

I see during bconf2013 that there is a lab using Sintel for Optical Flow alog benchmarks.

It would be really nice to see it flowing back the other way. Blender with Optical Flow tech would be awesome for FX work.

Spring constraint wip :
Surface constraint wip:

Melt modifier wip:

Website Blog:

BonesPro:see video demostration…

Onion Skinning possibilty integrated in Blender
something like this script PSL-Snapshot:](

Motion Trail editing integrated:
the possibility to tweak the animation motion paths point handles in 3d view space.
something like this script does

Pose Sculpting:

Possibility to make Holes in Meshes (Dynatopo)when Sculpting something like this in Video Demostration:

Intel’s Embree raytracing engine whose highly optimized algorithms increase render power by up to 300% without any reduction in image quality!
Cinema 4d demostration video:

Think they’re adding an xbox controller hotkey config so you can model with ur xbox controller. up down up down a b b a (loop cut) lol

its been 3 years! What happened?

I’m copying this list to the othre thread were we are keeping track of this projects ( ). It would be nice if developer name could be pointed out too.

Super agree. Not only for FX, but faking a high fps on animations would be awesome. Integrating optical flow into the motion tracker would be a highly interesting.

He’s been hired by the Blender foundation for 6 months. Mostly do maintenance/bugfixing, but also to keep working on his node project…

Optical flow would also confer inter-frame access, so that Blender could perform cumulative effects too. Like Noise reduction! As the edge detection is much better you could also do awesome keys too.

Cycles is already using embree for certain parts (i think for BVH creation?) not sure if it is being used for BVH evaluation as that needs code which works on both GPU and CPU, not just CPU.

WOW all very very interesting! Thx a lot!
Still reading through it all. Very happy to have added Blender to my toolset!