So whats in your tool box?

So whats in your tool box?

On one of my last projects I was asked by a friend “What app are you using to create this”?
Which led to this list.

Blender - My main go to for 3d
Toon Boom - (pre cloud version) 2d traditional animation (sent back into Blender for finale)

Drawing/Painting Not counting paper and pencil
Clip Studio Paint
Tools - Mouse, Artisul drawing tablet

Compositing finale render and export
Hit Film - works as a NLE and compositor like After Fx

Hardware - RME Fireface UFX
Software - MOTU Digital Performer (DAW)
Sound module/plugin KONTAKT
Orchestra samples Kirk Hunter (all of them)
Main Controller Roland Guitar synth and kursweil k2000

Computer Mac 2009
works great for audio but needs an upgrade graphics card ect…

Concerning Adobe software and the cloud.
Lets face it, you can’t get around it most people I work with use it
So, when needed I use it too.

Well thats the short list

So whats in your tool box?

Blender for 3D and some compositing.

Substance Painter/Designer for textures.

Hitfilm for editing and further compositing.

Krita for photo editing.

Reaper for audio.

The common theme is open source where I can, and high-quality/low-cost software otherwise (Hitfilm/Reaper). The one exception is Substance, which (unfortunately) uses a subscription service.

Ingest/Grading - DaVinci Resolve 15
Editing - Avid Media Composer 8.4
Mixing - Avid Pro Tools 12
Compositing - NukeX 9
MoGraph - Adobe After Effects CS6
Image Editing - Adobe Photoshop CS6
Music - Mixcraft 8
3D/CGI - Blender :slight_smile:
Screenplay software - Fade In
Budgeting - Movie Magic Budget
Scheduling - Movie Magic Schedule

That all runs on an HPZ800 with 24 GB RAM and a GTX 1060 6GB

My camera is a Blackmagic URSA Mini 4K and I record sound with an Audio Technica AT875R onto a Zoom H4n

my list isnt that big

BLENDER for modeling - animating
Krita for texturing - 2dkeyframs - and concept art
FL studio for sounds and songs !!!
Camtesa for video editing

It’s good to see the different work stations/setups others have, thanks for sharing.