So what's the trick to make animation run faster again ?

Hum ?
Don’t Know one myself, besides playing with the speed IPO of a path animations…

Under animation buttons
Map old, Map New buttons.

for example, if map old is 100, set map new to 50 (I guess this is like - make happen in 50 percent of the time) and it will run twice as fast.

Perhaps someone can give a more technical description. I will look in the 2.0 guide, see what it says.

I just messed around with it some. Appears that if you key something with time mapping changed, it keys to the remapped frame range. This could be bad if you change time mapping again. Caution

Thanks a bunch : I won’t have to fool around to find it.
Tried Google with Blender animation faster : hum! Slow results.

Thanks again.

there is the speed ipo too,
if it ran from 1, 1 to 2, 2 and was extend extrude (goes on like that forever) your object will run the same as before
but from 1, 1 to 2, 3 would run twice as fast
… .
the steeper the speed ipo the faster the animation.

there is also the framerate, in the display buttons.
To see it in the anim window (one you get when you press the play button) you need to press a number corresponding to the framerate on the number pad.
(I have misplaced my blender guide so I couldn’t tell you what those keys are, and what they correspond to. Check

Reducing the frame rate would also make your images appear to move faster, though it would look crappier.

Hi IamInnocent.

In my early blender days I posted a kind of comprehesive summary about time ipos, speed ipos, and tuning path animation under this topic:

Hope it will help.

(Still have to work on the tutorial for your curves)

Hi Jean,

Think you should try the Animspeed button in the animation board, or am I wrong ?

See [email protected]


actually reducing the frame rate would make the animation run slower. There would still be the same number of frames, but they would be displayed slower.
You could increase the number of frames every second, although to make a visible difference you would have to put it up fairly high and that would probably cause problems.

Tordat wrote :

In my early blender days I posted a kind of comprehesive summary about time ipos, speed ipos, and tuning path animation under this topic:

Hey, it’s good to know that topic is actually useful to people after all !

I think the easiest way would be to create a single time ipo. A gradient of 1 means normal time rate so half will be half normal time rate. Just select “time” from the ipo and add two points to give whatever gradient you want. Then copy it to the buffer and paste it onto every single object in the animation. This will slow down or speed up EVERYTHING, including particles. I think there was another post fairly recently about how to slow down particles, will find the link and post it here…
EDIT : Here is the link to a mini-tutorial by theeth on creating time IPO’s, scroll to the bottom…continues on page 6 too.

OK, thanks to everybody.

The Map Old/Map New buttons do the trick.
One has the option to adjust the length of the whole animation in the same window ; I always wondered why those buttons were repeated in F7 and F10…

Mon vieux pécheur: (Serialsiner)
AnimSpeed seems another way to adjust the framerate, at least in a 3D window.

I did set the speed IPO aside in my question : I can already deal with them frairly well but, as a mean of controling the speed for the whole animation, they’re a lot of work.

Finally the framerate does what it is meant to. Unfortunately it is a mean of adapting the animation to the media that will support it rather than a tool to achieve control on the speed of an animation.

Thanks again to you all : all that was said in this thread, being either the subject to the question or and interesting backdrop, makes an extremely enlighting answer.