So who confounds you?

Appart from the obvious Blender-Boys:
Dotblend, Blenderanim, blengine (and I have confused them with) Bentagon and Bellorum, some nicks leave a mental picture that takes a while to seperate one from the other. Some that have taken me a while to come to grips with are:
@ce and Andy
Gr8tHamster and BmBadcat
NateG, Nayman, MaceG and Nay
Monkeybooi, Metalmesoly and M@dcow
JamesK, SKPJason and SimonHK
Luckybreak and IamInnocent
Env and Endi
Paradox, Fonix Wircs, N Pulse, Sonix, Solmax and Soletread
Overextrude, Extrudeface and SundialVcs
And noe I see there’s a Capone too!


kansas15 and cubefan
LOL (had to add that one, :wink: )

DM7 and dreamsgate
sysadm and samadam

desoto and hmetalcowgirl (aka aemelia)
Timmeh and Kane
(those lot, i can’t seperate for a different reason :stuck_out_tongue: )


its not too hard to get, but this confused the heck outta me when I was new here:

Headcheese and Dittohead


No one. Therefore I am superior 8)

Sysadam and Samadam

my name was mentioned!!! I feel special!!!

Anywho… Theeth, Samadam, desoto, Solmax, and this new guy i think, I_______ .

My name is the by-product of pork. Its the tough meat surrounding the pigs head (that includes the ear and snout). the contestants had to eat headcheese ice pops on the Andy Dick show (dont you love censoring) on MTV.

I’m confounded by whoever broke the back glass out of my car with a baseball bat last night.

How about rwv01 and md01?
sob I used to be special… :frowning: :slight_smile:

Ouch! That sucks. Will your insurence cover it?
I feel for you!
My car’s been victomised too.

hit and run
paint remover poured all over
stolen reg. sticker
footprints/dents from being walked on

All while at work too.

no one mixes me with @ndy? I remember it got me som votes in a wc long time ago :slight_smile: oh well.

I have before but I usually figure it out when I see the avatar.

Also people have different writing styles and what not.

I’m sometimes confusing

  • @ner and @ndy
    yeah I didn’t read your post @ner :P, well actually I’m meaning it, I really mix them, no idea why, maybe the @n

also on irc?

  • BloodOmen and schimz
  • wiseman303 and thepsychowise, 1 person or 2?
  • b-owl and blender-owl
  • oopz, z3r0_d because of there scripting knowledge, I think like, euh which should I ask :stuck_out_tongue:
  • oopz and MNME still not sure if they are the same

well you know i will never mix you @ner.

i mean @ndy is good at blender, you’re…

… not :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: J/K


haha :smiley:

I don’t get confused like this because usually I only look at people’s avatars.

Same here.

(Of course, when I get confused is when someone goes and changes their avatar. Then I’m like, “Who is this guy, what does he think he’s doing bossing us around???” then suddenly, “oh. it’s theeth. duh.”)

fudge and fudje

though a little tip to tell us apart, im the one who post all the cool artwork %| honest

I think that one wins the prise!

Ofcourse when people have very similar avatars it can also get confusing.
There were (or are) two people with an “A L l E N” avatar.

endi and env. Neither have avatars :stuck_out_tongue:


Considering that happened once or twice (AFAIK), I ain’t so bad.

Modron and RobertT used to change avatar everytime they had a new piece of art (which in RobertT’s case was pretty much everyday ;)).

I usually use the avatar and the content of the post to identify people (some have very caracteristic ways to talk, …).