So who thinks Michael Jackson's innocent?

When I first heard about this new allegation, I was more certain he was guilty. But the more I hear about the case, the accuser and his family just seem like conniving little moneygrabbing sh*ts.

It seems the mother of Jackson’s kids is backing the prosecution too because Jackson stopped paying her £600,000 a year.

I guess we’ll have to wait to see how the trial pans out for more evidence but it looks like most of the prosecution are out for money. But then you think well, why did he pay off the first family if he was innocent?

I don’t know how it’s going to end, I’m just thankful that TV shows like “Celebrity Justice” provide enough revealing, never-seen-before evidence to bring pre-trial verdict prediction within the realm of the average bored housewife.

I was thinking of starting a similar poll over the past few days, in light of the upcoming trial. I think Michael Jackson is a rather troubled person, and he’s all weird, and that’s exactly why they can easily get money out of him with those accusations.

Although I personally don’t like the guy and I think he is a freak, innocent until proven otherwise is the stance to take on this one and all trials.

The truth will come out in the end and he will be judged to have, or have not done it.


He used to be a great singer but sadly he turned into this. I really think jail would do him good.

And what if he’s innocent? You really want an innocent man going to jail?

And what if he’s guilty? You really want a guilty man (woman) being free to do his crimes again?

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Yeah, because they’re so nice to (alleged) child molesters in jail %|

Ack I answered wrong…

I say he is. Just because he’s weird…and he likes kids “naked”.

Can I change my vote? I voted nope but then I thought it was the question is he innocent and I didn’t read the top saying is he guilty.

Not realy.
after long debate (the whole greek and roman period) people found it more important to have the innocent free then the guilty punisched. Only a few countries put (innocent) people to death because they find the scare factor more important then the lives of those individuals.

Is MJ guilty? of what accectly? Loving being around people with an age matching his own mindset, I bet yah! I remember playing “doctor” when I was 8. I don’t think MJ’s brain is much older.
What I don’t understand is this: It’s not MJ’s first case is it? So what mother who cares about her child not being cuddeld by a nose job sends her kid alone to neverland in the first place?

Jackson the #1 distraction, just another circus…
what does the village idiot not want you to see today?
$9 billion unaccounted for in Iraq?
Iran the new “immenent threat”?
the US economy?
The raping of US social security fund?
it would be funny if it wasn’t so scary

I don’t think for a minute that Mr. Jackson is guilty.
He’s a “child” himself in many ways - and from all the documentaries,
interviews and countless celeb. programs with personal interviews
I can’t see that he’s capable of abusing a child like that.

I think it’s PURE GREED!

People have found a victim. He did pay off to get away from it all
can you imagine someone beaten to a bloody-pulp from an angry
mob saying that you are guilty just because we THINK so?!?!
Then you’ll understand why he would pay to get away…not nessesarily
because he’s guilty - but it could very well be to the incredible
pressure from the “mob” that just wants to see a victim.

My theory:

If this was indeed mr. Jackson - then we would all have known
VERY much sooner, a superstar & famous person like that
can’t possibly keep the lid on something like that for so many
years. Any fan - any friend - any close relatives would have known
and such things have a tendency of leaking out VERY early.

I belive he’s totally innocent - but thats just my belief.

It’s wrong to accuse a man and call him guilty when we
“outsiders” that doesn’t even know him know nothing but
what the press cooks up! We can’t judge people just because
we think we know something.

“I didn’t read” seems to be your middle name

“I didn’t read” seems to be your middle name[/quote]

That was quite unjustified, he said he read the name of the topic and assumed that was the actual question, I almost didn’t read the proper question either.

And his middle name is “I don’t think…”

I picked innocent until provent guilty, aside from all the weird stuff and obvious dodgyness of the mother here’s something to make you think, without Jacksons money the boy would have died, just another dead poor kid in a country with minimal medical welfare.

Indecent proposal?

I certainly think the question should be asked, of the money grubbing parents … “Did you allow your child to be in the presence of someone whom you knew, or should have known, has been accused by others of being a child molester?”

Money causes people to do very strange things. “Ordinary” people are attracted to celebrity like a moth to a flame, if that celebrity is still rich. Prosecutors who hope to become governor of their state someday also see people like that as a path to the big-time. Someone even got their jollies out of putting a 60-odd year old woman in jail recently.

Don Henley put it best in his song, Dirty Laundry: “It’s in-tres-ting when people die. Give us dir-ty laundry.”

Sure, he’s weird. But he also owns the royalties to a lot of the Beatles song library. If he could be forced to forfeit that, a lot of people whom you’ll never see in public could become immensely rich.

No vote from me, I havent’ the right to judge people based on facts from the media. What’s all this “innocent till proven guilty” thing about ;)?

“I didn’t read” seems to be your middle name[/quote]

That was quite unjustified, he said he read the name of the topic and assumed that was the actual question, I almost didn’t read the proper question either.

And his middle name is “I don’t think…”[/quote]

LOL, Now it’s unjustified, but only because you did the same thing.
well well, aren’t we the center of the universe.