So, will eat me? a Carrot! [stills pg2 - animation pg3]

Hi! Here is my last work, just an image for a micro-contest hehe, firstly, this render was made in almost 4hs, but now, when the micro-contest finished, i take my time and work more on it.

Here it is,

pure Blender 2.34.

RVK test

Trying to walk


I hope you like it!

I really like this - the materials and the modelling is quite excellent for the type of scene you’re doing here.

Have to say that the non-circular plate does upset my sense of balance somewhat. Any chance of you redoing the plate so that it’s circular?


wow i really love it.

great feel to the image, nice simplicity, and colours.

doesn’t need anything more


ha ha. that is good. nice modeling.

firstly excelent work for 4 hours (funny thing i drew a carrot with eyes this week but different joke)

secondly the gray plate I dont like just so… gray

but what do i know better than anything iv’e done yet

u r developping a really interesting toonish style !

i’m impressed

that’s another great image !

excellent! I don’t think i should add that cause I say that in every thread by you - charecter is great!


whoa!! so many posts! :smiley:

really, thanks to all!
Im glad you like it :slight_smile:

Thanks again!

I really really really really really really really really really like your style!

Your carrot looks a little like Bernd the Bread:

Nice style and great materials. I like it very much!

Another great character piece. Excellent.

That’s all we seem to be saying in your threads now. :stuck_out_tongue:


grat style man - keep it up

great piece with great style, it’s kind of wierd that the plate is not circular though.

Nice feel, and very style concious.

Great work! Yeah it has some real style. I could see this on a poster, etc.

Thanks to all, really!

Your posts makes me go on with blender. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.

very nice, i love when an artist can do something different and do it well.

make some more.

cool carot - your toon-like modeling is just GR8. I like it a lot :smiley:

Very nice, reminds me of Veggie-Tales!

Very nice. It reminds me of the worms 3d style rendering:

As JA-forreal said, I could see that on a poster, like for a health organisation. Maybe for the whole eat 5 pieces of fruit and veg a day that seems to be popular.

I see a lot of work that’s conventional like cars and everyday objects but it’s renders like these that contain character and humour that I like best. I look forward to seeing more of your work.