so, with overall rendering...

I wanted to know which way of compression was actualy the best. Which video format is the best. I noticed that project orange will be selling the project orange DVD, with best quality. So, how would you get it like that, but still be able to fit onto a DVD?

Compression usually isn’t a problem when it comes to DVDs. (They are big.)
Unless you are making a full-length movie, or rendering an uncompressed file, it shouldn’t be a problem for you, either. AVI codec is the most widely accepted format. Try the Divx codec, for starters, although Xvid and x264 are excellent as well.

that does help quite a bit, but what would you suggest for the best compression for the AVI codec?

First download some codecs and play around with whatver you have. Render at the highest size, then recompress with a video processing program (there are hundreds out there). Repeat until you get a good balance of size and quality. The best compression rate depends on your video resolution, length, and compexity.