Soap ad. (blue theme update)

Here’s a simple soap ad I made for my project. C&C are more than welcome!! :smiley: Used yafray.

Nice :slight_smile: Reminds me of Fight Club :stuck_out_tongue:

sweet, the bubbles look kinda weird though, you should look into that, bubbles aren’t usually spheres unlews they are floating in the air, they conform to each other and such. That gives me an idea for a python script, bubble-maker :slight_smile:

very good :smiley:
maybe you should try meta balls for the bubbles
should work finde
i like the soap shader, though is could be a bit more glossy

i think that the soap is too glossy.

but the bubbles look fine to me.

thnaks to all for comments! I’ll tweak the bubble settings.

BTW, does anyone know how to animate a mud poured from a truck? Sorry i’m just two month old noob :wink:

I’m thinking dupliverted meatballs and a particle deflection system. not too hard. you should find a tute somewhere around this site on how to do it, but it’s past midnight in my time zone. maybe tomorrow if you still need help, i’l tell you how.

Afrosk8er88, I’d really appreciate your help! (I have to finish this ad really soon) :wink:

first make a metaball. give it whatever material you want to make it look like mud or whatever.

then make a sphere with a good amount of polys. parent the metaball to the sphere.

then go into the oblect controls. in Anim Settings, toggle Dupliframes, Dupliverts and Rot.

Make a particle effect (in the effects tab) and set all your stuff the way you like to make a good stream of particle metaballs. if you animate it , it should look like a bunch of sludge, depending on the # of particles and size of the metaballs and how close they are together.

then select any surface that you want to bounce particles. in the particle interaction tab, toggle the deflection button on. set you damping and rand any way you want, but keep the permeability at zero.

that should be it. if you need more, just yell. i’m watching this thread anyways.

That looks really good! Nice lighting too. The uppermost bubble group just looks weird; that bubble looks a bit “sunken in”. But overall a good picture and a nice mood.


are you allowed to release that blend?

I like it it, looks very good so far.

To me the bubbles look very good except the bottom rightmost at the corner of the soap bar. Their shading looks off. If it were me I’d try and make them match the surroundings better.

LOL, luv ya guys! Thanks to all for feedbacks!

Jellywerker: I’ll release the blend file as soon as I get back home (in school right now)

afrosk8er88, you rock. :smiley: I’ll try it the moment I get b back home!

ionyou: thanks, I’ll tweak the settings (or try to; I tried yesterday and they get worse :expressionless: )

i like this pic! its very nice and clean,but i think the bubbles can use some more work.

good work john-kimmo :wink:

logo on the bar looks great. Nice render!

sorry it took so long to post the file…here it is. I invite everyone to try to make the bubble look nice… cuz I couldn’t!!!

the render itsselve is quiet nice, really cool looking, but there are some troubles if you want it to look realisitc. The bubbles are really large or the soap really tiny. The logo on the soap is cool perhaps it would be better if it had the same materials as the soap. About the soap material, perhpas it must be less shiny and perhaps with a little bumpmap.

Thank you very much, I will try and learn enough python to make a bubble script.

'ere’s a new pic. Our soap color changed to blue…and so does our ad. Anything sick looking/disgusting/grotesque plz don’t hesitate to tell me :Z

very cool, but the bubbles look like chrome, and there seems to be a swirl on top of the bar of soap, is this intentional?