Soap Dispenser

Learning little by little. Can’t figure out what that splotch is on the side of the dispenser though.

Good model. Perhaps nozzle needs to be a little wider.

i like the spotch. it reminds me of myself. neway, i think the nozzle looks a little funny, too, maybe make the hole bigger, or resape it a little. i dunno. i like the textures for it though, nice model!

EDIT: did you make your environment with a circle? cause if you did, and it’s too big, blender will put a hole in it. the splotch to me looks like a reflection of the default ‘space’ color, so that may be your problem.

Dispenser just sits on a plane. The plane is just big enough to fill the camera’s view. When I get back to the other computer I’ll check to see if you’re right about the reflection, StrikerMunc (unless you mean it could only happen if I used a circle). I have rendered it previously without AO and the splotch wasn’t there. Yeah, the tip of the nozzle does look a little funny. I’ll work on that some more. AO kind of washed out the edges on the tip of the nozzle. You can see in the shadow that the tip is really more squared than the model looks. Weird.