Soap support (1st render)

after one day of playing with this great software, I managed to obtain something of my own. There is only the support for now and it is a simple object, but I plan to modelise the soap itself soon.
Any C&C welcome…

Heh. Well done for a first render. A couple questions. Is OSA on? Is it smoothed? Keep at it. Looking good.

very nice for your first render - very nice for any render! :wink:

Welcome to Elysiun and the Wonderful World of Blender [TM] :smiley:

Nice model and a nice render. I agree with anogarlr that you should check to see if OSA is on, because the render looks a bit pixelated in some places.

Other than that, I thought it looked kind of like a funky lawn chair. :wink:

nice modeling! welcome to elysiun! as stated before, needs OSA.

Thanks for your kind words.
OSA was already on (value was 5). I had to set it to 16 and add motion blur to obtain somehting that looked good.

I still have a problem with shadows, though (a kind of zebra on some of them), do you know where it could come from ?

Are you using buffer shadows for the lamp? If so, which I think you are, you should try increasing the shadow buffer size, up the samples, & also make sure the Clipsta & Clipend values are as close as possible while still enclosing your objects… (you’ll see a visual representation of that in the 3d view).

Nice work by the way, looks good!

I thought SOAP was a new type of renderer that there was an export script in Blender for. I didn’t expect a picture of a soap support… Nice model. Different :slight_smile: