SoB: Blender World Cup

SoB or Summer of Blender, my personal hard-core blender course for this summer. Focuses on boosting my blender skills.
topics are: Organic Modeling, Texturing & Materials, Lighting, BWC, Animation…

Topic: Blender World Cup
Concept: Distant Future - Nature - Discovery - Religion

So Alltaken encouraged me to start sketching first. (which probably isn’t a bad idea, to bad I can’t sketch that well).

I want to create a bot/mech in “exoskeleton style” that is meditating in the woods. discovering his own inner soul. (well that should cover the topics).
:stuck_out_tongue: so now you al know my drawing skills.
Did it with a pen, and colored it with photshop. I think I need a wacom tablet:p

Modeling will start soon.
Textures will be from my own garden (for the plants) and probably procedural for the robot.
Lighting, very important. there will be “inner lighting” from within the robot itself (halo’s all the way). and very colorful lighting outside.

It’s a good idea, I like the sound of the lighting that you will be doing.

Good luck :wink:

Well, everybody seems to have started modeling for the BWC.
and so have I :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s a piece of metal to be used for the mouth:cool:
nothing more:p