Sober interior

Hi, this is a render I’ve made a month ago.
Originally the purpose was to optimise a scene to have less noise as possible.
For that I use only a portion of a HDRi in order to facilitate Cycles to find the source (the planes of the windows), I’ve clamped direct and indirect but just what was necessary, use really subtle AO and I’ve denoise passes with billateral blur.
I wasn’t completly satisfied with the billateral so I’ve tried the 2.79 testbuild with denoise.
It’s incredible only 700 samples here ^^.

Full res:

28mn with 2 GTX Titan X in 3840px by 2600px
It’s really not perfect, but it wasn’t the point, I only modeled the lamp, the chair and the glass, made the texturing and shading.
The inspiration came from a FStorm render on the official site.

Beautiful work! I really like materials on hat and glass of orange juice. Only carpet is too plain for me - Did you try to decrease AO samples (lower rendertime)?

For the hat it’s a simple home made shader:

The glass, the juice and the ice is a bit more complex, since I’ve used a personal optimised glass shader and volume:

The part that can interest you with the transportation of light ^^, is the part with the ray depth, with this I can say glass become transparent after x bounces. That helps not having black fringe but also modify the look of the glass, usually 4 bounces is a good compromise between a good looking glass and a good transportation of light.

I haven’t try without AO, but I thought trying the same scene without “cheating”, more bounces, no AO, full HDRI (light isn’t the same with just the planes).
I’ll post it here when it’s done.

Thanks for sharing nodes! I`ll be waitn for your rendz :wink:

First of all very nice result. But I would make a region on the left botton corner with more samples and replace it in photoshop to get rid of the patches generated by denoising.

I’ve test the same scene but without AO, complete HDRi, one or two more bounces, and 3000 sample this time.
Light looks a bit more natural for me, but dimmer too, and 1h45 to render.
So for production I know what to do^^.
With the change of the HDRi the lamp looks a bit to bright I think.

Tell me what you think.

@SoulToSqueeze you were right for the denoise, this time the wall is clean, but looks like the denoise don’t take care of smooth shading, you’ll see it on the first part of the couch.
You got a nice portfolio by the way, I love the way you integrate 2D people in your images, it works really well.

yeah, that’s beautiful. really nice work.

Looks more natural. 3000 samples - quite a lot. Could you try with strong denoise - set radius to 10, and give it 512 samples? For smooth area with denoiser try add some little light - ugly areas should gone…

Thanks Tjindy,
At a radius of 10 and 500 sample it was crappy, but I pushed the limit a bit, just to see, and at 20 and 500 samples it’s not bad at all.
Not as good as 3000 samples of course but 20mn compare to 1h45. And for the region which need more, we can make border render.
After Filmic one year ago, now the denoiser, Cycles really rocks and reached the high end level.

Differences between images are really low, accetable for me at all. 20 minutes is great rendertime.
Thanks fot testing,

all the best,