SOC-2014-Nurbs by Jonathan deWerd

Dont know hoy you feel, but i’m so excited towards this SOC Project…
Lots of commits today (more than 20 commits)…
Hope this get finished…

Here is the proposal:

would be nice to see that one be added
this was one of the original 2.5 goals!

is there any site where we can get any built if available or more info where it is now?

happy bl

Ricky, i dont know, whether this is functional now?!
But Jonathan wanted to show some screenshots and examples the next days…

I am not excited because I know that, in some way or another it won’t get into trunk. Mark my words.

if it makes it into trunk, I will be very excited.

I am not optimistic given the fact that Blender’s NURBS have not gotten noticeably better… ever, as far as I know.

But I will be interested to watch the progress, even if I don’t hold out much hope.

Sometimes pessimism is pragmatism.

I can understand that mentality completely. I don’t even get excited about GSOC projects because I know so many of them never make it to trunk.

Its a bit off topic in this thread but I also agree the rate of adoption is disappointing considering the effort that goes into coding and mentoring. The timing of GSOC seems to land in the middle of university exams and this is a significant disruption to progress
Also we have students who for one reason or another obviously just aren’t committed to delivering on their proposals.
My impression is that all in all GSOC is failing to be useful to Blender as it should be.
Also if these projects are not quite finished in time or up to standard don’t seem to get any further attention either.
I think participation in GSOC should be revised to see if the situation can yield code that will actually get into the trunk.
Mind you we also appear to have difficulty getting usual patches reviewed and into the trunk and of course we have issues agreeing what ought to be accepted as per the recent coloured wireframes episode. I think this requires some dedicated management to improve matters.
There is too much of what amounts to wasted effort, for want of a better description, and Blender does not have a lot of resource to begin with.

have to agree with I think the project time allocated is way too short
should be at least 6 month to give more time including some time off to simply relax doing other things then come back later on

in any case I hope this project makes it in the end but will see

happy bl

I remember Ton also mentioning a similar concern questioning the positive outcomes of GSOCs.

I was in contact with the developer and send him some test scenes done in Rhino.

As far as I know the current target is being just able to open openNURBS in Blender and render it
requiring Blender to tessellate it or if possible generate a mesh from the NURBS.

That already would be a wonderful help so I do not need to export stuff into OBJ before importing it in Blender.

It is not a secret that the Google Summer of Code program works mostly in the interest of the students involved.

Four new commits today! Yay !

And it still refuse to build under ubuntu 14.04 64 bits.

Just to keep this thread alive: To me it looks like Jjonathan achieved at least some really mentionable results.

Have a look here:

This is more improvement for NURBS than Blender has seen in years. And if Jonathan does not disappear - like Emanuel Stone did a few years ago, no offense intended here - than the Blender community now has a guy that is willing and capable to further improve those achievements.

So please, cekuhnen, do your best to still assure jjonathan his work is very welcome (He mentioned this in his final report :wink: )

Jonathan and I are in loose contact and I think he is pretty sure that his effort is highly valued because it fills a need Blender dearly needs to catch on for all those that work with NURBS data.

So we will see. NURBS is also no childs play because of the math involved.

So currently it seems openNURBS / Rhino file format import is what he will focus on.
I am not sure if STEP could be added at one point as not every app can export into Rhino actually.

is there any build for win 64
so we can start to work with the new features may be?
or anything coming soon ?

and also help debug

happy bl

Big thanks to Jonathan for his work to update NURBS in Blender. I tried to use NURBS a few times, but it lacked so much features I quickly abandoned it.

YES!!! That’s so exciting! Thanks for sharing the news.

Any news about this project? I badly need 3dm import-export capabilities in Blender